the venezuelan crisis, explained

Right now we are faced with very Venezuela, with Venezuela having two presidents the president. We are in today U.S., Canada, and European countries, have recognized Juan Guaidó as legitimate president of Venezuela. ..

us enemies and the lawless ‘rule of law’

True to Form: Canada’s Foreign Minister Serving US-led China and Venezuela Attacks . ... Yet having failed in destabilization and coup attempts in Venezuela over the 20 years since – all supported by the US and its branchplant class in Canada – a long process of..

the exceptional nation

Here we have in which Washington, not Venezuelan people, has chosen the president of Venezuela and refuses to accept Venezuelan government's break of diplomatic relations. As I write, indications are that Washington's vassals Canada and Europe are also withdrawing recognition from the..

rule of law - canada style

Ben Rowswell, former Canadian to Venezuela was guest on CBC's Power and Politics today.  He supported Canada's that Maduro government was not the government of Venezuela and that Juan Gaido was the president. ..

maduro must go

What we witnessing is the birth of a third force, People Power movement that seeks the end of socialist rule Venezuela. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras back Guiadò. ..


On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump recognized Venezuelan Juan Guaido marking the in the feud between Washington and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.. Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Paraguay have followed suit while Bolivia and..

venezuela: six states request icc investigation

  © Human Rights Watch Six governments have taken unprecedented step by requesting International Criminal Court to open Venezuela, today. On September 26, 2018, the governments of Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru referred Venezuela to ICC, Fatou Bensouda,..

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