cuba and anti-imperialism

In the case of Angola, Cuba's strategy along with its alliance with Soviet Empire, allowed Cuba to play in the defense of that country against Western imperialism and its right-wing agents in National Union for the Total Independence of Angola. For Moscow, that region had higher..


Iranian chief criticized silence of Western countries, particularly European Union, in the detention case of Press TV's anchor, saying, Western countries raise Cain, and when such unfortunate cases happen in. ..

native americans in the civil war

Followers of Brown, with relatively little military experience, were given leading roles in western Union Army regiments and Indian Home Guard brigades, where even some Black soldiers engaged in their first combat during the war. ..

operation barbarossa

To mark the day, here are some contemporary newspaper stories (published the day after the invasion started) that report on the start of the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. . . . . . Western Daily Press | 23 June 1941 . . Image © Northcliffe Media Limited. ..

suicide bomber targets nato, afghan forces

The al-Qaida-linked militant group for years has Taliban insurgents battling Western troops Afghanistan.. Last month, team of Western and Afghan security forces Faryab province killed IMU's Afghanistan, Makhdum Nusrat, and several other fighters from Uzbeki group. ..


EU brings incentive and penalty package to Iran nuclear talks TEHRAN, Iran -- The European Union chief brought Western package of incentives and penalties to Iran Monday in effort to coax the government to stop enrichment and defuse international crisis. ..


Iran ...

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