Moscow strongly dismissed all speculations on that score, adding that programs for developing this substance had never existed in the Soviet Union or Russia. ..

russian restraint in armenia

Armenia was already dissuaded by Russia from further integration with European Union Yerevan's years-long negotiations with Brussels for Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with EU were thwarted in 2013. ... By moving Armenia into Russia-led Eurasian Economic..

russia allying with china

Armstrong’s magazine forecast that the two would form a coalition: . “Russia’s program … calls first for the seizure of Asia,” the Plain Truth wrote. ... There are two great nations at the head of this Asian alliance: Russia and China. ..

russia’s soft power in the balkans

signing trade agreements with both European Union in 2008 and Russia in 2000 has given Serbia advantage, the economy is more tied to European Union than to Russia. ... o the economic damage Serbia would suffer many in the remember it was Soviet Union, not..

10 positive things the soviet union did

Before the rise of the Soviet Union, Russia was mostly an agrarian country that did not have an effective industrial economy. ... When the Soviet Union fell, the drug control laws did as well, leaving Russia with the narcotics problem that it has today. . ..

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