putin signs law on inf treaty suspension

Putin decided to halt Russia's in INF Treaty in mirrored response to U.S from the key arms-control pact signed by Soviet Union and United States in 1987.. Moscow and Washington have accused each other of violating the recent years amid increasing tensions.. ..

paul goble

Vladimir Putin’s centralization of power in Moscow over the last 18 years reflects his belief, and that of many others’, that the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . . . ... Twenty-five years ago, Moscow’s massive nuclear weapons stockpile could not..

on america's hostile coexistence with china

In the long term, U.S. efforts to dominate China’s periphery invite a Chinese military response on America’s periphery like that formerly mounted by the Soviet UnionMoscow actively patrolled both U.S. coasts, stationed missile-launching submarines just off them, supported..

on hostile coexistence with china

In the long term, US efforts to dominate China’s periphery invite a Chinese military response on America’s periphery like that formerly mounted by the Soviet Union. Moscow actively patrolled both US coasts, stationed missile-launching submarines just off them, supported anti-American..

30 years on, russia views afghan war with pride

Ata Mohammad Noor, former warlord who Soviet troops and served attended meeting last Moscow that brought together former Afghan officials, opposition figures and Taliban... Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan December 1979, driven by fears that U.S could try to establish foothold next to..

russian jewry - news

Jewish organization working in the former Soviet Union inaugurates exhibition in Moscow on the life of Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. ... A Thousand Jews Gather in Moscow For Jewish Learning . Limmud FSU expects large turnout for Jewish study conference, one of largest former Soviet..


The city of Raqqa was recaptured from the terrorists last October by predominately-Kurdish units, which form part of the Syrian Democratic Forces backed by the US-led coalition. . Moscow and Damascus have drawn attention to the situation in Raqqa on numerous occasions. ..

merkel due in russia for talks with putin

German and Russian leaders have scaled back contacts while Moscow's ties with European Union have deteriorated to post-Cold War low mainly over Ukraine conflict.. Ties between Moscow and West worsened later that year when Black Sea Crimean Peninsula voted in referendum to..

eighty years since the first moscow trial

By 1936, revolutionary conditions were emerging France and Spain that could reawaken the long suppressed aspirations of the working class in Soviet Union. Moscow Trial and Great Terror were preemptive strike against Old Bolsheviks in general, particularly against anyone associated with..

top 10 battles of world war ii

Battle of Moscow . . Hitler’s objective in invading the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa) was always Moscow. ... The Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union began on 22 June 1941 and ended with the Battle of Moscow (this specific battle was listed at number five due..


Home → Collections → Soviet Union . . . . Soviet Union's Fall Unsung . ... MOSCOW -- Ten years after Mikhail Gorbachev closed the book on the Soviet Union, the anniversary Tuesday went almost unnoticed in the Russian capital. ..

soviets, west germans edge closer on nato

Washington and London have said that pouring large amounts of money into Soviet economy at this time would not help the country restore its health, and Tokyo is hesitant to help Moscow until it secures agreement on the return of Kurile Islands that have been occupied by Soviet Union since..

death of enver hoxha

Albania received massive aid from the Soviet Union after the break between Tito’s Yugoslavia and Moscow. Hoxha refused to countenance the reaction that set in against Stalin in the Soviet Union after the latter’s death in 1953. ..

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