communists and race

Hispanic activists, including Lorenzo Torrez, the Arizona-based head of the CPUSA’s Chicano Equality Commission; Los Angeles communist and Chicano leader Bert Corona; Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers union; New Mexico land-rights activist Reies Lopez Tijerina;..

the rebirth of mexico’s electrical workers

The Mexican Electrical Workers Union, the oldest democratic union in Mexico, was founded in 1914 when the armies of Emiliano Zapata took Mexico City. ... The union consequently became a pillar of support for Mexico’s governing party, the PRI. ..

monthly review

The vote of the delegates of PAN and Institutional Revolutionary Party to eliminate López Obrador, the front-runner of PRD, is seen by many as attack on Mexico's new and fragile democracy. In November 1997, Telephone Workers Union, National Union of Social Security Workers, and six..

wikileaks: exposing american apathy

. – U.S.A. government union-busting in Mexico. . – U.S.A. soldiers pay in blood for the grotesque profits Vice President Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton . . – U.S.A. and Swedish military intelligence secretly cooperate against their own civilians. . – U.S.A. ..


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