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WHILE European Union and Israel are allies and partners on variety of economic and security matters, EU's of Israel has turned into infatuation that is hard to explain through rational reasoning.. ..

israel is not america's ally

There are several things that I think Sullivan gets wrong, and perhaps the significant and in the piece is his repeated description of the relationship an alliance.. The trouble with all this is that there is no alliance and Israel is not our ally. ..

netanyahu woos far right

Blue and White stresses that whatever the parliamentary, the party will not combine with Israel's Arab parties to form government or to block Netanyahu from forming his own coalition.. Israel's shift to the right mirrors the rise of Hamas Palestinian politics. ..

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Palestine and the Israel- Saudi Arabia Alliance 0. by Ibrahim Fraihat, for Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network The October 2018 murder of Jamal Khashoggi by agents of Saudi Istanbul brought into sharp relief the deepening relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel Israel had supplied..

henriette chacar

journalist from the village of Abu Snan in Galilee and officer at Union of Journalists Israel, she was one of the tens of thousands of protesters. ..

Iran Tests Missiles, Funds Terror Tunnels to Israel. alliance is forming that will be in conquering Iran — and United States, Britain and Israel.. ..

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which share twenty-four seats, coalition between these Jewish and Palestinian- Arab groups Israel could become powerful political force. Alternatively, the alliance between the settler party Jewish Home, Netanyahu's Likud, and the orthodox religious parties will continue to win,..

10 mind-blowing wars that nearly happened

The communist fall-out became boon to West, especially to Americans — it enabled them to approach establish warmer relations with Chinese. 7The Soviets Almost Invaded Israel .. During Six-Day War, Soviet Union informed the US that it would be forced to protect its interests in Middle..

moderate brought into fold

JERUSALEM -- Israel's Labor Party agreed Tuesday to join the coalition led by Likud Benjamin Netanyahu, assuring the presence of at least one moderate in its top ranks former Labor Prime Minister Ehud Barak. ... When he failed to woo Livni, he began building government based on..


JERUSALEM -- Shas party agreed Sunday to join coalition led by Israel's prime minister-designate, Ehud Olmert, and his Kadima movement, apparently assuring Olmert parliamentary majority.. ..


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