european union: toward a european superstate

German Defense Minister Ursula von Leyen, the daughter of EU official, has been nominated to replace Jean-Claude Juncker the powerful bureaucratic arm of European Union. Von Leyen, of Christian Democratic Union, was choice favorite of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was rejected..

alarm sounded in the eu

Provisional results placed Democratic Union, and Social Democratic Party in the lead with 22.71% and 18.69% of the vote respectively. The delegation from the country is formation, Civic Democratic Party, anti-corruption Czech Pirate party came in third with three MEPs,..

coalition seeks to expose communist infiltration of

Likewise, Jackson noted, former CIA Director John Brennan has acknowledged he once voted for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) General Secretary Gus Hall for president, a candidate “who was being funded by the Soviet Union.” . ... “The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by socialists,..

germany defines bds as antisemitic

resolution adopted Friday by alliance of governing Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union and Social Democrats, and Free Democrats and Greens, reads . ... The resolution was passed Friday in Bundestag by alliance of governing Christian Democratic..

what women want

M&G team collected and analysed nine political parties manifestos, including those of ANC, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, United Democratic Movement and African Christian Democratic Party.. ..

examing the revolution in rojava

In the introduction, their sympathies with Rojava thus it comes Democratic Union Party, affiliate of Kurdistan Workers Party. ... In October 2015, PYD formed multi-ethnic military alliance, Syrian Democratic Forces, to begin expansion into Arab-majority areas order to..

assessing angela merkel's legacy

In the latest of September 2017, the share of Merkel's, Social Democratic Party of Germany, declined to 20.5 percent and Merkel's own party union, Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian branch fell to 32.2 percent. ..

germany on a political seesaw

Seated on the descending side are the ruling parties of Grand Coalition GroKo German journalese. the unique one-state subsidiary of Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, election, the blow sent shock waves through the whole country. ..

merkel formally initiates her political withdrawal

Merkel told press conference at the headquarters of Christian Democratic Union that she will remain. ... Merkel has informed decision to Horst Seehofer, leader of Christian Social Union and Andrea Nahles, chairwoman of German Social Democratic Party, the two parties in..

lamont wins ct state police union endorsement

The Connecticut State Police Union on Thursday endorsed Democratic Ned Lamont and his running mate Susan Bysiewicz, citing the potential threat his GOP, Bob Stefanowski, would have on its members wages and benefits.. ... The union also had backed Democratic in 2010 and..


The General Assembly of Democratic Union Party has issued message to mark the anniversary of July Rojava Revolution... ... Democratic Union Party celebrates the anniversary of July Revolution of all the peoples of Rojava and Northern Syria and promises that we will..

early voting results

The clear losers in the election are Progressive Party and Social Democratic Alliance. ... Oddný Harðardóttir, chair of Social Democratic Alliance, stated, The Alliance was created around large and ideology. ..

2015 september

Vice President Joe Biden will be invited to participate in Democratic primary debate if he declares his.. ... Today on CNN's State of Union, Democratic Party Leader, Nancy Pelosi, joined anchor, Jake Tapper in exclusive interview... ..

social democrats win in w. germany

Television projections gave Social Democrats 54.3 percent of the vote, ahead of the 33.4 percent polled by Christian Democratic Union of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. ... The Free Democratic Party, member of Kohl's governing coalition, achieved the minimum share of the vote..


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