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The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom hate group in 2016 likened homosexuality to pedophilia and argued favor of sterilizing transgender people.. ..

what teacher walkouts changed in our politics

But the article quotes union leaders in walkout states Oklahoma and Arizona, as well as president of national American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten, even though unions did not lead the teacher walkouts. . ... She calls her victory a product of a “perfect storm” that included..

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She urged Saudi-led coalition to remove restrictions on the safe and entry of humanitarian supplies into Yemen. Four days two polls Florida, one Arizona and one Georgia remain on knife edge amid flurry of lawsuits, protests, and demands for recounts. ..

cannabis and health: part 2

In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, in the union to legalize medical use of Thirty more states, District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico have enacted similar laws.. Arizona, Nevada, and California tie for the number, with 19.4 patients thousand residents, and Washington..

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Senate was less willing to corporate broadcasters, significantly Arizona's John McCain, refused to comply with NAB's wishes. Instead, the hard work of Consumers Union and Consumer Federation of America, intended to keep Congress aware of what FCC was planning and to slow down Powell,..

make a federal case out of it

Indiana measure was the target of lawsuit filed in 2011 by American Civil Liberties Union. The legislation goes further than Arizona law, which would allow police to arrest illegal immigrants only if they had committed offense. ..

a bad week for the gop on immigration

Seib cites Tancredo’s crude conspiracy theories, as when he says of John McCain that had he won the White House, he and Mexican President Felipe Calderon “would be toasting the elimination of those pesky things called borders and major steps taken toward creation of a North American Union.” ...

elder bayh campaigns for obama

'Right-to-Work' is the name given to measures that prohibit mandatory union membership. ... McCain, of Arizona, represents a state with a Right-to-Work law and he voted to support a national Right-to-Work law in 1996. ..

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