‘A New Africa-Europe Alliance’ . Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg want to expand Europe’s empire to Africa. . ..


TEHRAN - The European Union and South Africa in joint statement issued Brussels, Belgium called on the world countries to maintain Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as important multilateral deal. ..

sa, china push for stronger ties

They also called for more in international and regional organisations including BRICS, G20, United Nations and African Union... China and South Africa have maintained close communication and cooperation within BRICS framework, and China will work with South Africa, ... ..

the way forward in zimbabwe after mugabe

He headed Zimbabwe African National Union, with its main, Zimbabwe African People's Union led by Joshua Nkomo, based among Ndebele people.. The insurgency led to fears of Soviet Union developing Southern Africa, prompting US-inspired talks with British Conservative of Margaret..

the narrowing of democratic space in burundi

On June, foreign diplomats Burundi representing the UN, Germany, Belgium, France, Russia, United States, South Africa, and European Union issued joint statement asking the opposition to reconsider its position, and did not voice much criticism of the human rights abuses that drove the..


Middle East - Pakistan - Trump ...

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