This complicity comes through military and financial aid, which is the part and parcel of their unholy alliance corporations, including at UN Security Council.. ... TEHRAN - European Parliament stated that European Union's arms exports to Saudi Arabia are stoking the war on Yemen,..

‘this is a reality, not a threat’

In The Coming War with Japan, George Friedman and Meredith Lebard predicted that the end of the war and the collapse of Soviet Union would in era of heightened geopolitical tension between Japan and the US. ... None of the historians or political scientists in Central and Eastern European affairs..

claire brock

., Ohio Union buzzed with murmurs of exhausted students, and tables were littered with dirty plates, power cords and snacks. ..

presstv-'europe fate tied to true european army'

German leader further noted that such army would not undermine US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization , except would be complementary to the military alliance... ... European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Sunday that any European army will have to align with NATO forces..

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