angela merkel’s jewish legacy

Her announcement that she would step down from the chairmanship of Christian Democratic Union, follows the erosion of CDU's conservative voter base due to mounting frustration over Merkel's handling of the refugee crisis.. ..

5 jewish takeaways from the midterm elections

.- Israel alliance, lost her race Virginia... Support for U.S.- Israel on Capitol Hill is strong, and we are committed to continuing to work on bipartisan basis with Congress to further galvanize support for the alliance... Republican Jewish Coalition scored wins in races where..

working people respond to midterm election results

We expect Congress to respect the civil service and our union rights order to promote tomorrow for federal workers.. ... On behalf of the more than 200,000 members of Amalgamated Transit Union, we pledge to continue to fight for better public transit, health care for all Americans, and..

nonintervention: america’s founding foreign policy

While in the war did, fact, free Poles from Nazi tyranny, it also left them under the control of the regime of Soviet Union, for the next 45 years. ... In 1991 Cold War suddenly came to end with the dissolution of Soviet Union, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from East Germany and..

the cooperative rivalry of us-china relations

The Congress alliance Karnataka state swept the by elections, confirming that strategic tie ups can defeat BJP in the 2019 general elections.. 07-11-2018 07 35. saw yuan of debt issued. During Cold War, the US and Soviet Union targeted tens of thousands of nuclear weapons at each other and..

the no-party people

The structures and ethos of either Labour Party or the trade unions can not substitute for the specific structures required for all-round Marxist, activity on the three fronts of the struggle, the union, the political front, and the battle of ideas. ..


Yemeni Army Launches Special Military Operation Baydha Province, Kills Saudi-Led Coalition Commanders .. ..

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