what trump asked ukraine to investigate

As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with performance by man named Robert Mueller, performance, and they say lot of it started with Ukraine. ... Along with the general of Ukrainian election meddling, President Trump mentioned Crowdstrike, the firm that investigated the intrusion into..

the "new" cold war and the partition of ukraine

While Gorbachev complains of Western triumphalism Western dealings with post- Soviet Russia, Secretary of Russian Security Council and former FSB head, Nicholoi Patrushev, stated in recent interview in Russian press that Russia's relations with Ukraine being poisoned by Western subversion. ... ..

trump, giuliani, and manafort: the ukraine scheme

Through these deliberations carried on by his attorneys, Manafort exhorted White House to press Ukrainian officials to investigate and discredit individuals, both in the US and Ukraine, ation about his political consulting work in Ukraine. ... What prompted her actions were the new..

who are the jews of ukraine?

KIEV, Ukraine — Jews have lived Ukraine for such time that their arrival here predates even the first recorded use of the country's name.. ... Historically, Jews have not had Ukraine for most of that time. In the century, thousands were butchered by Cossack of Bohdan..

dems colluded with ukraine against trump

The office of Valeriy Chaly, Ukraine's to United States, ment that Chalupa asked the embassy for information about Manafort's dealings Ukraine and that it deemed her requests to be inappropriate solicitations to in American elections... ... Ukrainian efforts had in the race, helping to..


Facing reality after Euromaidan The situation of journalists and Ukraine.. ... Analysis of the in the southern and eastern oblasts of Ukraine. Institute of Mass Information has created map highlighting press freedom violations related to October 28 parliamentary election.. ..

human rights abuses in ukraine

Since the 2014 state coup, supported by United States and number of Western countries, Ukraine has been plunging deeper and deeper into political chaos, corruption, lawlessness and nationalism, adding. By establishing the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the authorities have deepened the in..

paul manafort in ukraine

The underlying criminal charges against Manafort deal with how he tried to bring the money he had earned Ukraine into United States by illegal means, why Manafort was working for players Ukraine or the nature of their work together. ... Dmytro Firtash, currently Austria awaiting..

ukraine creates church independent from russia

The synod sought to realise decision by Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I to recognise Ukraine's from Russian Orthodox Church.  . ... Ahead of the council, Russia's Patriarch Kirill appealed to Pope, United Nations and others in West to defend his Ukraine from..

martial law in ukraine: a rehearsal for war

In late evening, on November 26, Verkhovna Rada implemented Martial Law in selected regions of Ukraine that is to last until December 26. ... But on December, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced short-term, 15-day training courses for reservists and members of the..

war over ukraine?

And let's not forget that major foreign-policy players in United States favor even more expansion to include, yes, former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia, both of. ... Now, with Kerch Strait, the illiberal, martial-law-imposing president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Putin threat (..

are you ready to fight a war over ukraine?

And let's not forget that major foreign-policy players in United States favor even more expansion to include, yes, former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia, both of. ... Now, with Kerch Strait, the illiberal, martial-law-imposing president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Putin threat (..

russia warns ukraine and its western sponsors

Russia warns Ukraine and its Western sponsors » Politics. Russia will continue suppressing attempts to undermine its security and sovereignty, ment from Russian Foreign Ministry said connection with the incident with the vessels of Ukrainian Navy in Kerch Strait... ... Share... war with russia..

western war games in ukraine

He is trying to rally Ukrainians behind just about Ukraine that still commands degree of respect and authority namely, the army against the one force that might Ukraine in the spirit of animosity namely, Russian empire... ... As for EU, it has continued to pull Ukraine into its..

ukraine: barriers to free movement for older people

According to recent survey data by Right to Protection, foundation that conducts monitoring and provides legal assistance for displaced people Ukraine, more. According to the UN Ukraine, older people and people with disabilities are among the most in the area of Ukraine, due to..

un / ukraine russia

United Nations is concerned about this escalation of tensions, which is taking place in the context of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. ... Briefing the Security Council, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Rosemary Anne DiCarlo, today said United Nations is deeply concerned about..

anti-russia ukraine provocation

Ukraine shares mile land and border with Russian Federation, Western with the country.. ... Under treaty, Russia and Ukraine have freedom of navigation rights in Kerch Strait providing defined rules are followed through the narrow waterway.. ..

fascism, russia, and ukraine

And yet it began with the hope that Ukraine could one day join European Union, aspiration that for many Ukrainians means something like the rule of law, the absence of fear, the end of corruption, and free markets without intimidation from syndicates controlled by the president.. ... The in the..

ukraine: the phony war?

Marko Djurica Reuters pro- Russian protester talking to Ukrainian soldiers, Kramatorsk, Ukraine, April 16, 2014 In April, traveling Ukraine, I was in the midst of its war. ... Russia has its interests Ukraine and there is strong, ing that Russian military and intelligence agents..

what’s next for ukraine?

The failure to tackle the terrible crimes and thievery of Victor Yanukovych feeds Ukraine and around the world. It tells the people of Ukraine that the situation is hopeless and that real change to stop Grand Corruption and prevent another Victor Yanukovych from rising and spreading his..

poll favors reformer in ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine — The choice for Ukrainians electing Sunday could not have been more stark Back bent on integrating Soviet with West, or tough-minded prime minister poised to nestle the deep under Kremlin's wing.. ..

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