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Takahashi, Tokyo Station master, to connect special cars to Shimonoseki express train that leaves Tokyo at 4 p.m daily, exclusively for the use of female students. ... young man posing as policeman robbed car of ¥294 in cash in robbery on Fuchu western Tokyo on Tuesday... ..

edo konrad

By Edo Konrad and Oren Ziv . Mutasim Ali didn’t have much time to talk when we met in his south Tel Aviv office Thursday morning. ... Edo Konrad is a writer, blogger, and translator based in Tel Aviv. He previously worked as an editor for Haaretz, and is currently the deputy editor of..

more than 1,600 foreign students reported missing from

The ministry and Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau announced on June 11 that 1,610 foreign students in total between fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2018 have disappeared from Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare.. ... The ministry and Immigration Bureau conducted five on-site..

change of thrones in japan

Akihito was the emperor when the shogunate, system of feudal military rulers, collapsed and the emperor was plucked from relative Kyoto to reside Tokyo. ... Many will forever associate it with the terrorist attack on Tokyo, Kobe earthquake, and the disaster of earthquake, tsunami and..

nigeria's lassa fever death toll hits 93

healthcare workers have been infected in seven states- Edo, Ondo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Rivers, Bauchi and Benue with one death Enugu... ... According to NCDC, the multi-sectoral one health rapid response teams have been deployed to Ondo, Edo, Ebonyi and Taraba. ..

japan economic seminar

Discussants  Tsutomu Watanabe, University of Tokyo  Roberto Rigobon, MIT  .. ... Presenter  Toshiaki Iizuka, Professor, University of Tokyo. Coauthors   Hitoshi Shigeoka, Professor, Simon Fraser University. ..

japan times bee

Participants gather for Japan Times Bee held Tokyo on March 3, 2018. SATOKO KAWASAKI Participants for Japan Times Bee held Tokyo on March 3, 2018. ..

japan an underdeveloped country for women

Tokyo Medical University was found to have given additional points to the test scores of male applicants to reduce the number of women entering its school. ... Among these universities, the ministry gave score of 1.29 to Tokyo Medical University, and the score was even worse for..

modern tokyo times

Art of Japan and Kano Michinobu Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The Kano of art blessed... ... Art of Japan in Paris and Saburosuke Okada Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Saburosuke Okada... ..

improbable research

The tour celebrates the opening of Ig Nobel Prizes Exhibition, in Tokyo Dome Complex.. ... Marc will participate in other Ig Nobel activities Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Sapporo, during the coming week... posted by Marc Abrahams Ig Nobel Comments Off on Ig Nobel events TODAY at Miraikan..

vendor dies in battle over spot on...

I understand that the bombing ended the war, and I think that it could not be helped, in speech at Chiba, just east of Tokyo. ... U.S justifies the bombings saying they saved American lives, said Nobuo Miyake, 78, director-general of group of victims living Tokyo.. ..

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