anti-slapp law in texas threatened

The bill proposed Texas would undermine Texas Citizen Participation Act, legislature enacted in 2011 became model for in other states. ... TCPA is model for other states across the country, and significant changes to TCPA harm efforts to strengthen First Amendment protections around The..

texasvox: the voice of public citizen in texas

People across Texas can use the drought maps to adjust their water use or decide. We hope that this fact will prompt people to speak up about the need to use water more wisely Texas by, for example, limiting the use of in hydraulic fracturing or investing infrastructure to minimize..

texas judge strikes down 2010 health care law

District Court for Northern District of Texas, sided with Texas and the other states, saying the law cannot stand without the so-called individual mandate to get coverage. Texas and its partner states argued that the requirement was not severable from the rest of the law and..

the decline of american peyote

There's narrow stretch of land that covers about 1,250 square miles between El Paso and Laredo along the border of Texas that is the only peyote in United States. ... According to Salvador Johnson, the largest peyote Texas, 100 percent of Texas. ..

., texas

Regarding Texas, Proteus Fund collaborative made small four-figure grants to develop proposals from four groups ACLU Foundation of Texas the Equality Texas Foundation Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Texas.. ..

a breakthrough for hydraulic fracturing

Department of Justice, King & Spalding, LLP, and the Office of Texas Attorney General. ... I prepared and defended depositions of senior executives of Texas Department of Criminal Justice and then led Texas's team at two-day mediation, leading to successful settlement.. ..

us: separated families report trauma, lies, coercion

Until July 13, parents were also asked to pay for the cost of their children's transport, lawyers with Texas Civil Rights Project told Human Rights Watch. ... Rolando B and his son, Johan, then 11 months old, crossed the border into Texas on March 16 and turned themselves in to Border..

judge in texas nullifies religious-freedom law

WASHINGTON -- federal judge Texas, ruling that Congress has no power to second-guess Supreme Court's constitutional rulings, struck down yesterday law designed to protect religion against government interference.. ... American Jewish Congress, Texas judge's ruling would be nothing more..

texas sues to block syrian refugees

Texas has gone to federal court in its efforts to keep Syrian refugees out of the state, filing suit against the government and refugee resettlement nonprofit.. ... Declining to comment on the lawsuit, International Rescue Committee in statement noted that it has long history of serving refugees..

texas sues feds to block syrian refugees

Texas Attorney General has filed lawsuit against the government to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees Texas.. ... The government is calling on the agency responsible for placing refugees Texas to do Paxton's office said in press release obtained by Breitbart..

argument lively in texas case

But it has moved far beyond Texas Death Row to complicated questions about whether the president or international court has the power to determine U.S courts afford criminal defendants.. ... Texas Court of Criminal Appeals said Bush's directive exceeded his authority, and to Medellin..

el paso, texas sturgis, s.d.

EL PASO, TEXAS STURGIS, S.D. . . August 06, 2006 . . . . CAIRO, EGYPT Al-Qaida announces link with Egyptian group Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader announced in a new videotape aired Saturday that an Egyptian militant group has joined the terror network. ..


Hispanics make up about 7 percent of FSU's candidates, the same as or lower than what California and Texas schools have drawn recent years. ... Law schools were expected to be most at risk, and because of the experiences of California and Texas.. ..

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