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While Taliban orchestrates staged peace talks around the globe, confusion reigns Afghanistan over how the country will function if and when U.S troops leave.. ... Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned the government should play in the peace process, and Taliban refuses to sit down with the..

afghan leader denies taliban are winning the war

U.S engagement is to ensure that talks with Taliban not in negotiations with Taliban except with talks, direct talks, between Afghan and Taliban, .. ... -designated terrorist who served and commander named Salahuddin, were freed, according to two Taliban officials. ..

presstv-us says soldier killed, taliban claim several

The US military says an American soldier has been killed in action Afghanistan amid in attacks by Taliban and other militants.. ... Taliban militants, meanwhile, claimed on Thursday that they had blown up US armored in southern Helmand Province, killing several soldiers on board. . ..

the war with the taliban

Later that day I met teacher from Uruzgan, Pashtun with Taliban links His name was Sakhidad Etemadi and he was member of Hazara minority, some of. Were Americans to leave Afghanistan, it's that Tajik warlords would take Kabul, leading to intense and struggle with Taliban and their allies..

is afghanistan ready for peace?

The international forces started searching houses, thinking we had links to Taliban. ... The peace caravan arrived Kabul on June, the day that Taliban leaders Pakistan refused to extend unprecedented three-day cease-fire between Afghan, Taliban, and the forces of U.S...

taliban report peace talks in pakistan

Taliban report peace talks Pakistan.. PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- The chief of Pakistani Taliban announced Saturday that the militant group was peace talks with the government and agreement to end its insurgency was within striking distance.. ... It represented the time Taliban..

marines to deploy to taliban-held area

U.S offensive, however, was not able to dislodge Taliban from places like Marjeh, city of about 50,000 people in Helmand that remains center for the opium trade. Marine officials concluded that they did not have enough troops to expand into Marjeh and handful of other Taliban havens..


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