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No other country in the South (except for Korea and Taiwan) has succeeded in doing this. ... Korea and Taiwan are the only two successful examples of an authentic emergence in and through capitalism. ..


For this report, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are combined and reported as “China” because of potential inconsistencies between the administrative data sources and the surveys and because of concerns over consistency of reporting on the part of respondents. ..

central tibetan administration

Tibetan Welfare Association with RTYC solicits support from Embassy offices in Taiwan to protect Human Rights in Tibet . . ... Taipei: Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress on 25 September solicited support from respective Embassy offices…  More . . . . ...

other religions

Outside India, the largest shares of people who belong to faiths in the other religion category are China, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and United States .. ..

kissinger and china

When the US buildup in Vietnam began, Beijing interpreted it in wei qi terms: as another example of American bases surrounding China from Korea, to the Taiwan Strait and now to Indochina…. ..

china's charter 08

With respect to Taiwan, we should declare our commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy and then, negotiating as equals and ready to compromise, seek a formula for peaceful unification. ..

overseas press club of america

Taiwan, the island of 23 million people, is caught between increasingly Beijing that is projecting military in South China Sea and conducting war games near Taiwan, and President Donald Trump's administration. ..

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