the new spanish islamophobia

Reconquista, meaning the 'reconquering, draws on the history of Iberian Christian of Muslim Spain. ... Spain's former dictator, General Franco, granted Catholic Church power, prohibited any religion save Catholicism and enforced the standardisation of 'core Spanish culture, from..

george orwell: documenting the spanish civil war

Homage to Catalonia, in which Orwell bore witness to the murder of Spanish Revolution, was the product of this defining period of Orwell's life, at least the literary and political equal of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.. ... The only unexpected feature in Spanish situation, is..

spanish state: historic 8 march action!

The role of the youth on this day became crucial again, as was obvious in the massive student mobilisations that filled streets and squares at 12am throughout the whole Spanish State. ... More than five million working class women and young people, along with comrades in the struggle, packed every..

spanish state: early election announced

What has happened Catalonia, with the resounding refusal to recognise the legitimate right of Catalan people to self-determination, plus the unleashing of unprecedented repressive, police and judicial barrage and the heightening of the most rabid Spanish nationalism, is the best proof of what we..

xavier becerra blasts trump's wall in spanish-language

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, in his Spanish-language response to the State of the Union address, on Tuesday slammed President Donald Trump's obsession with building border wall and threatened action if he used money to try to pay for it... ... Becerra told Latino audience watching..

ghosts of the spanish civil war

In attempt to bring closure to the bitterness, Spanish Government in 2007 passed law, designated that condemned Franco regime, recognized the sufferings of those. ... Under project funded by Spanish government, we helped to pave dirt country road however, the work was neither arduous nor..

catalonia and spanish nationalism

By the nauseating images published by, October referendum was moment of exposure that demonstrated how the repressive State apparatuses the police, the courts and the prisons could be mobilised to defend ' Spanish solidarity And the most striking manifestation of success for this renewed..

the spanish tradition of freedom in the sixteenth and

Spanish School of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries  at Harvard University, in detail the institutional framework and the principles of growth upheld by Spanish scholastics.. ... In my doctoral thesis and in the book The Spanish School of Economics,  I explain in..

cuban president meets with his spanish and argentine

Cuban President meets with his Spanish and Argentine counterparts. The bilateral exchanges are taking place within the framework of the collateral activities of leaders gathered at United Nations. ... Meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Photo Estudios Revolución..

hispanic nativity shift

These opposing trends, have begun to reshape Hispanic population. Just the number of U.S. ... The top five states by Hispanic in 2012 are California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois .. ..

spanish police harass, spy on catalan separatist party

Anna Gabriel, CUP leader and former MP, fled to Switzerland, having left the country believing she could not get fair from Spanish judiciary.. Another judge hailed king Felipe VI and the police agencies, writing, Long live Spanish police, long live Guardia Civil, long Spain and long live..

a defeat for spanish justice

Furthermore, Spanish judge decided to withdraw all European arrest warrants he had issued, his case before Court of Justice of European Union Luxembourg. ... He accuses German courts of lacking commitment and ignoring European jurisprudence, yet Spanish judge relinquishes the..

sotomayor would be first hispanic on supreme court

., ment saying he looked forward to working with both Democrats and Republicans on Judiciary Committee to confirm Judge Sotomayor as Hispanic and the third woman to sit on the court... ... The White House announcement ceremony was picture of diversity, the first black president, appointing..

the hispanic vote in the 2008 election

The largest increases in the share of voters who are Hispanic occurred in the states of New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, in this year's election.. ... Estimates of Hispanic share of the electorate for 2008 from State Exit Polls and November CPS will not be available until 2009. ..

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