muslim women debate anti-semitism

It was article written by Muslim woman refugee from Somalia who fled to Netherlands to enter politics as Christian, about another black Muslim woman refugee from Somalia. ... In countries like Somalia including Yemen, Iraq, Algeria and Libya, the percentage of antisemitic..


Jowhar, 17 July 2019 On his first visit to the state of Hirshabelle, United Nations to Somalia touched upon the country's state-building process, humanitarian needs and the body's assistance... We had encouraging and fruitful talks with President Ware and his cabinet on wide range of issues,..

this week: five events you need to know (may 18)

By majority to continue the deployment of, Germany's Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, voted recently German soldiers Mali and Somalia to May 2020.. ... By contributing personnel to the, The extended mandate for Somalia allows Germany to continue supporting Operation Atalanta..

are the united states and iran heading toward war?

By majority to continue the deployment of, Germany's Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, voted on May 9 German soldiers Mali and Somalia to May 2020.. ... By contributing personnel to the, The extended mandate for Somalia allows Germany to continue supporting Operation Atalanta..

america’s wars are way up

Presidents Bush, Obama and now Trump have dropped nearly 200,000 bombs and missiles on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. ... And now, on planet of outrageous tweets and murderously angry white men, you did not even notice, except more quarter-century after that..

armed men raid somalia's universal television station

Authorities Somalia should investigate attack on Universal TV and hold those responsible to account, Committee to Protect Journalists said today.. ... Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed, the director of communication at the office of President Somalia, told CPJ via yesterday that the case was under..

africa and the blood of christians

For instance, from Aid to the Church in Need cites significant violations of Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, and Tanzania. ... Algeria, Egypt, and Sudan are old-line, Islamic oppressors, while rising radicalism has triggered growing in majority-..

sunguta west

At the center of in the leadership of al-Shabaab, Somalia-based al-Qaeda East Africa, is deputy emir. analysts have contemplated the possible defeat of Somalia-based... ..

us war in somalia kills civilians

In June 2018, United States of defence told US Congress that its military operations Somalia, including air strikes, had resulted in zero civilian casualties in 2017. ... The US conducted 14 air strikes Somalia in 2016, all aimed at members or supporters of al-Shabab, Islamist group that..

civilian body count grows as us intensifies its war in

In June 2018, United States of defence told United States Congress that its military operations Somalia, had resulted in zero civilian casualties in 2017.. By both drones and manned aircraft since early, The report, released on Wednesday, describes massive increase in the US military's bombing..

somalia / women electoral reform

Med shot, Shipra Bose, Senior Gender Advisor at United Nations Assistance Mission Somalia listening during the roundtable discussions on Somali women's participation 11. ... The roundtable was supported by United Nations Assistance Mission Somalia and is one in series of events..

mapping the american war on terror

I imagined map that would highlight Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria, and perhaps dozen less-noticed countries like Philippines and Somalia. ... The list includes Afghanistan and Syria, of course, and also some lesser known and unexpected places like Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, Mali,..

somalia / public awareness strategy

SOUNDBITE Simon Mulongo, Deputy Special Representative of Chairperson of African Union Commission for Somalia.. The Federal Government of Somalia launched Sunday three-year-long strategy to enhance awareness of its key policy agendas and initiatives among Somali people at donor's..

inside the secretive us air campaign in somalia

The rules of engagement between the two countries have always been informal, the director of Somalia's National Intelligence and Security Agency in 2014 and again from April 2017 through February 2018. adviser to Somalia's and current presidents, told me that Farmajo gave Pentagon a..

the politics of famine

The lack of food stockpiling Somalia reflects on the community, Tony Burns, director of operations for SAACID, NGO Somalia, told Britain's Guardian.. Yet hefty portion of what United States allocates for Somalia comes in the form of military assistance, both for Somali and..


Arab Parliament, legislative arm of Arab League, June called on Kenya to recognise Somalia's maritime borders. International Court of Justice 25 June scheduled hearing for border dispute between Somalia and Kenya for 9-13 Sept... ..


The majority of the recent operations have centered on areas in southern Somalia — however, there has been uptick of in Somalia, where the group has not been in the past year.. ... Waldhauser made rare visit to Somalia on November 28 for high-level talks with Somalia's..

somalia / gender based violence

we stand with the women of Somalia, we stand with the women of Africa and we stand with women globally to end violence against women. ... As UN Women, we want to say that we stand with the women of Somalia, we stand with the women of Africa and we stand with women globally to end..

how war created famine

Famine threatens million people, including 1.4 children, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and parts of Nigeria.. ... The US has dozens of outposts Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan and..

the united arab emirates in the horn of africa

Crisis Group interviews, government officials, Mogadishu, February- April 2018.Hide Footnote Qatari officials, for example, argue that, unlike UAE, they channel aid through the federal government to protect Somalia's territorial integrity and accuse Abu Dhabi of seeking to divide Somalia. ..

starvation in somalia

 According to aid officials, Somalia is one of Africa's disasters in decades.. ... Millions of Somalis in famine- and drought-stricken areas in southern Somalia controlled by Al Shabaab.  ..

trump escalates us drone war in somalia

By the previous two administrations under the banner of the, During its first six months office, Trump administration has laid the foundations for Somalia, extending and building upon the policy of covert and proxy war against Somalia pursued war on terrorism... U.S forces remain committed..

ethiopia, america and somalia

Ethiopian army invaded Somalia December 2006, drove Islamic Courts out of Mogadishu, and installed Abdullahi Yusuf, the president of the. ... The resistance has driven Ethiopian army out of most of southern Somalia in the past two years, and now Ethiopians going home. ..


Just in case you've missed recent events Somalia, let's catch up, as events there just might start making the front pages of newspapers should Ethiopia and Islamists Somalia start shooting at each other ( Well, okay, we know they. ..


Islamic militia says still willing to negotiate with MOGADISHU, Somalia -- The Islamic militia that controls Somalia's capital and just named al-Qaida associate as its leader said Sunday it's still willing to negotiate with the government that has been sitting in the west. The militia's..

1 foot in, how many steps out?

As such, the situation of Somalia supplies practical test of new standards of state behavior and use of the in post-Cold War world.. ... And for U.S forces, the military challenge Somalia offers less risk than foreign interventions.. ..

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