sudan in limbo - international

Hungary last week faced renewed criticism for its anti-migration measures after it deported two Afghan families to neighboring Serbia late at night.. ... Hungarian officials denied the families asylum requests and told them they could either go back to Serbia, or return to Afghanistan. ..


Corruption Cvetkovic went missing on June, prompting massive police search operation on June, the President of Serbia announced that the journalist was alive and undergoing police questioning. ‎ ... Incidents of verbal and physical harassment of journalists were some of the human rights abuses..

20 years of illegal warfare

Kosovo war paved the way for the eventual recognition of Kosovo over the objections of Serbia, and the illegal military Yugoslavia's affairs provided precedent for other states to imitate. ... Tagged , Kosovo, Georgia, NATO, Bill Clinton, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Serbia, Yugoslavia... ..

serbia: government and opposition defend status quo

Our goal was to present alternative to the policies of the coalition around Serbian Progressive Party, and also to put forward different approach from the coalition spearheaded by the Alliance for Serbia. The statement further added the faces of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia in..

belgrade: a small jewish community under fire

In February 2016, Serbia passed exemplary bill on restitution that granted Jewish, the right to regain the properties of Holocaust victims with no living heirs, addition to sizeable financial reparations. ... Rabbi has stated that Jewish Belgrade and Serbia as we know it would become..

viktor orbán’s far-right vision for europe

That summer, Orbán's government began to construct fence along Hungary's borders with Serbia and Croatia, halting immigration to country.  ... Following Treaty of Trianon, after First World War, divided up the Austro- Hungarian Empire, Szeged found at the intersection of Hungary, Romania, and..

anti-government protests in hungary and serbia

Serbia are also calling for their living conditions to be improved, especially since this is what Vučić promised in the campaign, explains Večer.. ... Economic growth and the modernisation of Serbia are progressing at snail's pace...   Original article Share on ... ..


Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, following the joint meeting held Belgrade between the leaders of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania announced that... ..

russia’s soft power in the balkans

In 2011, 57.6 percent of Serbia's total exports went to EU, compared to only 6.7 percent to Russia. ... European Union and West need Serbia for similar reasons — to extend their sphere of influence, uphold their regional policies, and create buffer against Russia. ..

serbia: children with disabilities neglected

In April 2016, UN Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities expressed deep concerns about the number of children with disabilities living in institutions and about the very poor living conditions in institutions Serbia. Under Stabilization and Association Agreement, key step toward EU..

war crimes suspect hid out in plain sight

BELGRADE, Serbia — The infamous, hunted war crimes suspect was not in monastery or cave when caught at last, except living Serbia's capital. ... Most recently he lived New Belgrade, neighborhood of the capital that is known as stronghold of Serbia's radical far-right party... ..

letter to the eu on relations with serbia and icty

We understand that it has been suggested by some Brussels that asking Serbia to Mladic for. Paying lip service to cooperation with ICTY in the context of talks with Belgrade would send very negative Serbia regarding Serbia’s needed commitment to justice, the rule of law and..

yugoslav election foes both claim lead

The United States and other Western powers have invested much effort and in trying to Serbia's opposition, promote media and oust Milosevic, against. ... Officials of Serbian Renewal Movement, opposition party which failed to back Kostunica, said that he was winning by wide margins over..


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