The Karrana Prisoners Commission stated on Sunday that the health condition of Salman Abdul Nabi Ibrahim, is deteriorating, Manama Post online newspaper reported.. ..

government news in brief

The Deputy PM said that he welcomed and hoped France will has stronger voice in supporting the settlement of disputes in East Sea by peaceful measures, upholding the supremacy of in seas and oceans safety and freedom of navigation and in East Sea.. ..

2013 march

Front row, from left, are Treasurer Thomas Memmolo, Loyal Knight Dan Swett, Leading Knight Frances Minichello, Exalted Ruler Pamela Milton, Esquire Brian Frazier, Lecturing Knight Lori Bergeron, and Secretary Nancy Ranahan. ..

approves resolution on iraq

WASHINGTON - United Nations Security Council approved U.S of Iraq yesterday, and the new mandate appeared unlikely to relieve American troops and taxpayers of the major burden of stabilizing and rebuilding the country.. ..

press encounters

Doha - Secretary-General's remarks at press conference with Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani of Qatar December 2018. ..

powell presses for prudence in iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Secretary of State Colin Powell, pressed by France and by some Iraqis to agree to speedier timetable toward self-government Iraq, cautioned Sunday that the process of restoring sovereignty had to be carried out in stages and that it might not be seen as legitimate if it went too rapidly.. ..

nato in turmoil over u.s. war plan

By blocking proposals to increase, Bush administration's efforts to support for possible military action against Iraq hit series of diplomatic roadblocks Monday with France, Germany and Belgium opening division within NATO Turkey's defenses in case of war.. ..

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