secretary pompeo remarks at state department

2019-04-17T09 29 39-04 00 https images.c-span org Files e3f 20190417093251010 hd.jpg Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced change to U.S toward Cuba that will allow U.S citizens to sue companies profiting off of property seized from them by Cuban in remarks at State Department headquarters Washington, DC. ..

this week at state: march 15, 2019

On March, Secretary Pompeo delivered remarks to the press on Venezuela, noting the role that Cuba and Russia have played in undermining the democratic dreams of Venezuelan people and their welfare. ..

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It's also step to realise agreements reached during the State visit to Cuba by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong March this year and the visit to Vietnam by Vice President of Council of State of Cuba Salvador Valdes Mesa last September. . ..

court skeptical of tribunals

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court gave skeptical hearing yesterday to Bush administration's claim that the president has the power to create and control special military tribunals to punish foreigners he deems to be war criminals.. ..

officials reject military courts

WASHINGTON - Bush administration lawyers rejected congressional suggestions yesterday that suspected al-Qaida and Taliban war criminals be prosecuted in U.S military justice system, saying that military courts provide protections for defendants that are unwarranted in the war on terrorism.. ..

government news 29/9

For sending condolence messages and wreaths, memorial services, and ceremony of General Tran Dai Quang, member of Politburo of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam... ..

u.s. backtracks on suspects

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Tuesday it will grant the terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay under Geneva Conventions, policy shift for Bush after Supreme Court rejected its plan to use military tribunals to try the detainees.. ..

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