life v. wilson

Second Opinion employee Kourtney Harris, referencing information from a Lincoln Life employee, advised Lilly Phan, Wilson's executive secretary, similarly in a late 2002 email: '[T]his policy is able to be converted to a permanent product.' ..

religious freedom and u.s. foreign policy

IRFA directs Ambassador at Large to assist Secretary of State in preparing those portions of Human Rights Reports that relate to freedom of religion and freedom from religious discrimination and directs Secretary of State to submit to Congress, conjunction with Human Rights Reports, Annual..

mohammed bin salman is the next saddam hussein

Prior to Rumsfeld's trip, on Nov 1, 1983, State Department Jonathan Howe had told Secretary of State George Shultz of intelligence reports showing that Iraq was resorting to almost use of CW against Iranians.. few months after Halabja attack, September 1988, Assistant Secretary of State..

dead jews--what else is new?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, National Security Advisor; Lee Hamilton, former Congressman, advisor and 'fixer'; Zbigniew Brzezinski (the man behind Obama's foreign policy); John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and CIA Director; Samantha Power, U.N. ..


Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development: Guest column from Secretary Ray Allen . ..

day v. johns hopkins heal

When a miner has worked for multiple coal companies, 'the Secretary of Labor [may] promulgate regulations to establish standards for apportioning liability among operators.' ..

broughton v. u.s.

Cl. at 558 (observing that violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 'are properly reported to the office of the Secretary of Labor' and holding that the Court of Federal Claims has no jurisdiction over claims alleging such violations). ..

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