Bangladesh- Myanmar The Danger of Forced Rohingya Repatriation on Monday, the group criticized the deal between Myanmar and Bangladesh for November repatriation of more than 2,000 Rohingya refugees, ... ..


United Nations report has called for Myanmar's military to be investigated for genocide against Rohingya people and for crimes against in the treatment of minority groups in the country. ... As Guillaume Pajot reports from Myanmar, the persecution of Muslims is not limited to Rohingya,..


where thousands of Rohingya Muslims face rampant and human rights violations, the authorities denied independent journalists access to the region since early October.. ..

long-awaited us report on burma lacks teeth

In so doing, the insurgents handed the government, the military, and some nonstate actors justification, to exterminate evict Rohingya Muslims from Burma.. The report states Rakhine State was extreme, large-scale, widespread, geared toward both terrorizing the population and driving out..


Myanmar ...

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