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The group appears dedicated to helping Syrians prevail, and now that ISIS has lost its Raqqa, Qaeda may be the only group viewed as militarily capable of challenging Assad regime.. ... Russian military announced that it might have killed the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in..

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Just this week, reports emerged of the civilian death toll from American air force bombing Syrian of Raqqa. What Americans did Raqqa was war crime, all the more criminal because US forces, along with their NATO partners Britain and France, are present in and assaulting Syrian territory....


TEHRAN - Syrian medical officials announced on Wednesday that the corpses of thousands of civilians killed in the US airstrikes and ISIL attacks have been found Raqqa.. ... One year after occupation of Raqqa, mass graves of victims of the US raids and attacks by ISIL terrorists and Syrian..

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Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, UK-based monitoring group, that Daesh militants and their families are leaving their command base Syria's of Raqqa and moving to Iraqi of Mosul.. There are further reports saying that French and Russian forces have intensified their strikes on positions held..


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