'nothing similar': lawyer of ukraine whistleblower rejects edward

Snowden's defenders have pointed to roadblocks faced by Ukraine whistleblower and harsh criticism by President Trump as justification for Snowden's to flee and leak. ... Trump asked for a favor from Ukraine during July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky..

will tunisia’s parties come together to form a government?

The article says that the president is to consult with parties, coalitions, and parliamentary groups to select the person most capable of forming government.. ... He reiterated his rejection of any alliance with Heart of Tunis, and Free Destourian Party,  led by Abir Moussa, the leader of..

all democrats are saying is, give war a chance

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were in their meeting with President Trump, protesting his announced policy of withdrawing American military in that country. ... Senate Republicans is becoming increasingly likely, if not inevitable, that House Democrats will pass articles of impeachment against..

steve kates

I have seen this marker nowhere else and at Gateway Pundit After First 1,000 Days Office President Trump Holds 50% Approval Rating — POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA Despite Impeachment Scam.. ..

afghanistan: 2020 presidential candidates must protect women's rights

While the iteration of President Donald Trump's travel ban for some Muslim-majority countries does not ban Afghans, United States resettled paltry 805 Afghan refugees in the 2018 fiscal year out of total of 2.5 million worldwide.. ... Most important, they must promise that any Afghan peace..

pdt day 1000

After that, USA may well have Democrat President even Elizabeth Warren and all Trumps eight years of work, can go down the in few weeks, or days.. ..

president linda livingstone

In this Baylor Connections, Baylor University President Dr. Livingstone reflects on the university as marketplace of ideas, ways to help students grow in the ability to engage others even in disagreement, and the need for discourse more broadly... ..

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