flyers remove statue of late singer kate smith

The Philadelphia Flyers have removed statue of Kate Smith outside NHL team's arena.. Philadelphia The Philadelphia Flyers removed statue of Kate Smith outside NHL Sunday, two days after covering it amid allegations of racism against the star with popular recording of. ..

Stephen Flurry is editor of Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine and president of Herbert W. ... Stephen Flurry is editor of Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine and president of Herbert W. ..

a new legal battle over cash bail

Criminal defendants are languishing Philadelphia jails American Civil Liberties Union alleges in lawsuit filed Tuesday Pennsylvania state Supreme Court.. ... The complaint describes how preliminary arraignments for people arrested Philadelphia are held about every four hours, seven days..

apocalyptic debt crisis in america

The top cities in the worst financial shape are New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Honolulu, and San Francisco. ... In Philadelphia, every taxpayer would have to pay $27,900 to cover the city's debt... ..

about p.j. d'annunzio

The Defender Association of Philadelphia, foster care agency and two Lancaster County foster parents have been found liable for the abuse of brother and sister, case resulting in jury verdict favor of the children... ... federal appeals court has ruled that certain records from the prosecution..

mls: philadelphia union

MLS Philadelphia Union News... by January 1, 201912 02AM EST — 58m. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Atlanta United FCChicago FireColumbus CrewD.C.. Philadelphia Union. -leaderboard..

why do white people keep calling the cops?

There is message being sent by the Philadelphia Starbucks manager who targeted two Black by Yale graduate student. ... In the footage of police arresting two Black at the Philadelphia Starbucks, white man, confronts the cops and challenges the arrest, along with the woman, also white. ..

partisan conflict index (federal reserve bank of

I was reading NBER about the political bias of analysts when I read about Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Partisan Conflict Index.. ... Partisan Conflict,  a working paper by Marina Azzimonti, Philadelphia Fed economist who is now professor at Stony Brook University... ..

october 19th ups & downs

Philadelphia Congressman and head of Philadelphia Democratic Party was given goal of paying $250,000 in dues to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the campaign cycle, but his contribution was $0, according to Philadelphia Inquirer. ..

church has rich history in philadelphia

artist, historian and employee with Church Educational System, Muldowney was born Philadelphia and attended Philadelphia College of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.. ... In the 1840's Philadelphia branch was Mormon on East Coast. Then on May 29, 1843, Brigham Young..


But Philadelphia prosecutors appealed to the high court to overturn that ruling and reinstate the time to execute Williams on Wednesday. ... Philadelphia jury sentenced Williams to death in 1986 for beating the deacon, Amos Norwood. ..

voter fraud is a problem

In few weeks we will learn Philadelphia has tens of thousands of more registered voters than citizens of voting age. Sadly, this should come as no surprise, as better than 100 percent turnout has been reported in some Philadelphia voting precincts during recent presidential elections.. ..

messianic church for jews upsets some

But Philadelphia's Jewish community leaders, and some Presbyterian clergy, are dismayed that Protestant denomination is wooing Jews... ... Creating Messianic congregation was dream of mine for many years, and he was delighted by Philadelphia openness when he first presented the in..

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