partisan conflict index (federal reserve bank of

I was reading NBER about the political bias of analysts when I read about Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Partisan Conflict Index.. ... Partisan Conflict,  a working paper by Marina Azzimonti, Philadelphia Fed economist who is now professor at Stony Brook University... ..

new york times’ trauma tourism

in northeast Philadelphia, it did not see diverse and community that has fought against adversity. ... Alex Shirreffs, Philadelphia resident who has witnessed the effects of stigmatizing language through her work, reached out to Times about their language use. ..

october 19th ups & downs

Philadelphia Congressman and head of Philadelphia Democratic Party was given goal of paying $250,000 in dues to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the campaign cycle, but his contribution was $0, according to Philadelphia Inquirer. ..

church has rich history in philadelphia

artist, historian and employee with Church Educational System, Muldowney was born Philadelphia and attended Philadelphia College of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.. ... In the 1840's Philadelphia branch was Mormon on East Coast. Then on May 29, 1843, Brigham Young..

cop killer wins new sentencing hearing

By the prosecutor to appeal the ruling to the PHILADELPHIA — Black Panther convicted 30 years ago of gunning down Philadelphia police officer was granted new sentencing hearing Tuesday by federal appeals court, sparking threat Supreme Court.. ... Philadelphia District Attorney..

state's use of lethal injection faces scrutiny

Philadelphia and the son and grandson of pastors, Wiseman was unsettled over his 1976 vote to legalize punishment, and searching for humane way to impose ultimate criminal penalty.. ... The last, Philadelphia Gary Heidnik, was put to death at Rockview State Prison Centre County in..

messianic church for jews upsets some

But Philadelphia's Jewish community leaders, and some Presbyterian clergy, are dismayed that Protestant denomination is wooing Jews... ... Creating Messianic congregation was dream of mine for many years, and he was delighted by Philadelphia openness when he first presented the in..

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