conspiracy theories: national hidden history museum is in

That's how Museum of Hidden History and Hidden History Center wound up in nondescript strip of office suites in the suburbs of York, Pa.. ... The truth, it seems, is out there, contained somewhere in the 270 boxes and 8,000 books and hundreds of audio and video tapes housed in small, in the..

pa. asks high court to reconsider roe

WASHINGTON -- The state of Pennsylvania plans to urge Supreme Court this week to Roe vs. ... Five Pennsylvania abortion clinics and doctor had already filed their own separate in the new test case, asking the court to decide whether Roe remains the law of the land... ..

can pa. government improve integrity?

State Integrity Investigation by Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity gave Pennsylvania F, citing lack of accountability and effective ethics entities, and oversight of lobbying, political finance, and elections.. ... The four new plaques emblazoned with corruption dates that adorn..

pa higher education budget debate

These topics dominated 21 2-hour Senate budget hearing Thursday concerning Pennsylvania's state-related universities Penn State, Temple, Pittsburgh and Lincoln. ... That same year, the 14 schools in Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, were cut 18 percent, or $90 million.. ..

quakers discuss pa.'s death row

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa - Local Quakers on Sunday hosted gathering to discuss Pennsylvania, has 225 inmates on death row.. ... Mary Wilt, Lutheran from Mechanicsburg, Pa., and founder of Advocates for Justice and Freedom, addressed Sunday's gathering.. ..

commissions begin study of pa.'s act 1

Act 1 tax study commissions appointed earlier this month across Pennsylvania might not be as diverse as intended, except the participants say they are willing to knuckle down for the three months they have been given to evaluate if or how the burden of property taxes should be shifted to income..

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