The overriding impact of immigrants is to strengthen and enrich American culture, increase the output of the economy, and raise the standard of living of American citizens. ..

defensive charter school advocates

The overriding aim of maximizing profits as fast as possible, no matter how damaging to education, the economy, and society, naturally compels school advocates and their wealthy backers to be belligerent, self-righteous, and in protecting their narrow financial interests. ..


Before political leaders, whether local, national or international, it's paramount to understand the dissimilarity between conservation and efficiency... ..

review: overlord

By middle and nondescript characters so you do not feel much for the leads, The film, out this week from Paramount Home Entertainment, is production, marred. ... For film of this nature to work best, the audio track has to be superior and here, Paramount delivers Dolby Atmos..

technocracy once more, with feeling

Davies presents Thomas Hobbes emphasis on the necessity for the state to constrain human nature as the crucial, overriding insight of the era, move that minimises the significance of Enlightenment's more optimistic and radical legacy, from Spinoza to French Revolution... ..

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