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The UN reiterates its appeal to all concerned to cease violations of resolution 1701 and to implement its provisions, United Nations calls on the parties to exercise restraint both action and rhetoric.. 12. ..

israel’s de facto annexation of east jerusalem violates the

In of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, Executive Director of Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue Ambassador Idriss Jazairy appealed to the community to express solidarity to the endeavours of Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination.. ..

hamas urges trump to drop israel support

Khaled Meshaal, the chief of Palestinian resistance Hamas The chief of Palestinian resistance Hamas has called upon US President-elect Donald  Trump to withdraw longstanding  American support for Israel, stating that Tel Aviv regime is a burden for Washington... ..

hady amr

Hady Amr is leader on range of socioeconomic and geopolitical issues facing Middle East with focus on Levant, Israeli-Palestinian relations and Gulf, Middle East economic growth, U.S public diplomacy, and countering violent extremism. ..


Israel ...

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