watergate articles of impeachment

Nixon has acted in manner contrary to his trust to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of United States.. ... Nixon has acted in manner contrary to his trust to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the..

vietnam, a us tragedy

Later pro-war apologists claim that it was Nixon's heavy bombing of the north that forced its leaders to sign the treaty. It was Nixon, not the North Vietnamese, who gave the concession it was Nixon. ..

the supreme court has no role in impeachment

In that case, Judge Walter Nixon sought judicial review arguing that Senate had used committee to conduct hearings rather than conducting the proceedings before the body. The court found Nixon's claim to raise political question and therefore to be impeachment is characterized both by..

sorry, mr. barr—it is up to the public now

The downfall of President Richard Nixon is attributed to August 5, 1974, when the famous smoking gun tape was released showing Nixon agreeing to obstruction of justice. Nixon, saw his approval ratings fall from 67 percent at the beginning of 1973 to 29 percent at the end of..

about meghan tribe

Nixon New York How Wall Street Helped Richard Nixon Win the White House explores how stint at Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie & Alexander became launching pad to the presidency... ..

nixon, trump and american myths

The justification for throwing Nixon under the bus was alleged crime of spying on political enemies and obstructing justice, something that John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Franklin Roosevelt had done on larger scale with the applause from the media. ... By the monster that hides behind every..

presidential crimes

In the early 1970s, Richard Nixon used CIA to spy on Americans and to frustrate FBI's efforts to investigate burglary at Democratic National Committee's Watergate headquarters, and then he denied doing any of this. ... If not, it's the revelation of Nixon-like that the rule of law,..

roe: 47 years and counting

On January 20, 1973, Richard Nixon was inaugurated to his second term as president.   ... Two days after Nixon's inauguration, on January 22nd, the then all-male Supreme Court voted 7-2, in Roe Wade, to overturn Texas law making it crime to assist woman to terminate pregnancy. ..

middle east burden sharing

Pompeo's speech is drawing contrasts and comparisons with that of President Obama Egypt in 2009, he was channeling President Richard Nixon's Guam address of July 1969, later to become known as Nixon Doctrine. ... Nixon was speaking about threats from East Asia and Vietnam, he..

donald trump and evangelical vote

In this way, Trump's campaign is reminiscent of Richard Nixon's brilliant in the late 1960s to a silent majority of voters fed up with antiwar protesters, hedonism, and the demands of proliferating civil rights movements. Like Nixon, Trump uses vague references to moral decline and..

how the movement brought down a president

In, the scandal was driven by excessive concern over the political impact of demonstrators, desperate bid to stem leaks from White House, and appetite for intelligence, Nixon operative, before Senate committee that investigated Watergate.. ... There were three main elements that led to U.S..

the disaster of richard nixon

Quite amazingly, Nixon and Kissinger, by Burr and Kimball, also ordered unannounced, nuclear alert elaborate military exercise that put US strategic forces, in position of readiness, as. ... Hughes and his colleagues at University of Virginia have created website where many of the tapes of..

the supreme court cuts back

Reagan-Bush appointees, plus present vacancies, add up to majorities in every circuit and one -- and in that one, 14 of the 28 judges are Reagan-Bush appointees and 15th judge is Richard Nixon appointee. The Fourth Circuit, will soon have eight Reagan-Bush judges, plus one Gerald Ford and one..

cuomo defeats nixon in ny governor primary

Andrew Cuomo beat back primary challenge from activist and actress Cynthia Nixon on Thursday, thwarting her attempt to become the insurgent liberal to knock off Democrat.. ... Nixon now must decide whether she wants to run on November ballot thanks to New York state law that allows..

cynthia nixon discovers “democratic socialism” in

Nixon has been endorsed by Working Families Party, the organization that has functioned for the 20 years of its existence as lobby, seeking, to push Democrats to adopt more liberal rhetoric and party platforms.. ... Most significantly, she combined her praise for Ocasio-Cortez with assertion..

trump’s pivot to russia against china

Nixon's motives were 1 ) to exploit Sino-Soviet split to gain Chinese support against Soviet Union 2 ) to Beijing's help in pressuring its ally, North Vietnam, to agree to temporary cease-fire in Vietnam War to facilitate the withdrawal of U.S troops and 3 ) to help Nixon win in 1972.. .....

open source with christopher lydon

Fast forward forty years to the war, and Richard Nixon's warnings show similarity to the state's leaders getting ready to take on alcohol. Nixon brought the logic of Moynihan Report into the era of mass incarceration, and established new criminal obsession with deep racial bias. ..

10 deadly mistakes made by us presidents

Despite Muslim of the country, President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger decided to provide economic and military support for Pakistan in the event of war .. ... The cost of Nixon's support for Pakistan was the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives in the region,..

ccampbellobserver – politicker

Chirlane McCray and Cynthia Nixon at last Inner Circle Show Chirlane McCray and Cynthia Nixon at last Inner Circle Show Lede of Day. Cynthia Nixon does not appear interested in pursuing her own in politics.. ..

10 worst dirty tricks in american politics

The break-in led to Nixon's downfall, perjury, and obstruction to conceal the truth. ... Johnson ordered FBI to place Nixon's under surveillance and relayed the details of the plot to Democratic Hubert Humphrey, so that his campaign could publicize Nixon's treachery. ..

four dead in ohio

But at the time, Nixon administration tried to blame the protesters for the violence unleashed by National Guard. ... The relative calm on campuses meant that in September, unwarranted and inexcusable --the Nixon administration had already regained the initiative.. ..


Ford was criticized for pardoning Nixon -- decision that cost him election to term of his own in 1976. But the genial nature and absence of arrogance Nixon's successor did not reflect lack of confidence. ..

former president ford dies

Ford also earned in the history books chosen by Nixon to replace Spiro Agnew. Even to millions of Americans who had voted two years earlier for Richard Nixon, the transition to Ford's leadership was one of the most welcomed in the history of the democratic process -- despite the fact..

legislators say u.s. should investigate

The independent counsel law was enacted during which then-President Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, Justice Department special counsel to investigate the matter. But uproar forced the appointment of Watergate special counsel, Leon Jaworski, who prosecuted Nixon aides and..

nixon left mark on his party and his nation

But Nixon helped nurse it back to health, campaigning constantly for the in the highly mid-term campaign of 1966, and then reclaiming the in 1968.. ... The delicate balance Nixon sought to achieve between competing pressures from the center and right was reflected in how he dealt with..


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