israel’s anti-semitism smear campaign

Since, according to the IHRA definition, if you deny the right of Jews to self-determination in historic Palestine or apply a “double standard” to Israel’s actions and those of other nations or compare Israeli policies to Nazi policies, you are an anti-Semite.   ... Before the Nazis..

the battle for our minds – consortiumnews

The Times also played down the role of neo-Nazis and extreme nationalists in killing police before the coup, seizing government building during the coup, and then spearheading the slaughter of Russian Ukrainians after the coup. So, it was very curious invasion indeed, since Russian troops were on..

dr. death

They show tall, fair man of impeccable bearing who would look good in the short trousers of Wandervogel, the boy-scout-like groups he and Nazis favored. ... How did Uta Frith, manage to overlook his Nazi affiliations. in making her case against Asperger and Nazi policy,..

greece’s radical left after syriza

The leadership is trying to exploit this opportunity with a parliamentary turn: they present a more 'respectable' profile, they talk mostly as 'nationalists' and not as neo-Nazis, trying to instill in supporters a belief that there is a prospect of a playing a role in a future government. ... Our..

buchanan's campaign stirs up reform party

Just this month he ignited another uproar with his theory that the United States initially had no compelling need to enter World War II against Nazi Germany. . ... In the book, Buchanan argues that Hitler's Nazi Germany posed no threat to the United States after 1940. . ..

syriza, socialists and the struggles ahead

Up to six months ago, it was organized around armed violence in the streets--attacks by Nazi thugs against immigrants, gays, unionists and left-wing activists. . ... Now the Nazis are considering whether they should turn toward an electoral strategy and perhaps try to cooperate with Antonis..

the german reparations question

It is not enough that the Eshkol deal scandal – Herman Abbes, the Nazi banker; . ... What have you done to clear the Government offices of Federal Germany from thousands of Nazi criminals who have found there a refuge? ..

monthly review

In 1939, at the urging of the physicist and fellow refugee from Nazis, Leo Szilard, to President Roosevelt to warn about German advances nuclear research and the prospect that they might develop atomic weapon. ..

Week Review Russia's Nuclear Weapons, 'Deep State, Neo-Nazis Germany, and Much More. ... By migrant which sparked major riots by anti, The East Germany-immigrant and neo-Nazi Germans these riots represented in the rise of the far-right at the heart of Europe... ..

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