in moscow, the taliban is again at center stage.

Taliban representatives, this week gathered with leaders of Afghan factions Moscow for two-day conference on Afghanistan's political future... ... But Russia's with U.S is the factor, said Alexander Gabuev, chair of Russia in Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, think..

russia warns us against intervention in venezuela

Moscow Thursday warned Washington against military Venezuela saying this would trigger a catastrophic scenario.. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, said Moscow would stand with Venezuela to protect its sovereignty and the principle of non-interference in its domestic..

moscow returns to the great game – asia sentinel

The recently held Afghanistan summit Moscow was the manifestation of Russian in region that was in the demise of USSR back in the 1980s. ... That the US president's special representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, is going to pay visit to Moscow in early December also attests..

ukraine founds its own national church

Vedomosti fears that those communities and members of the clergy whose allegiance is with Moscow will be subject to repression.. ... This means the power of Ukraine now has its own church, analogue to Moscow, and Poroshenko has scored points for the election. ..

russia's alternative political life

Moscow, like Saint Petersburg and now Sevastopol, city on Crimean Peninsula, is defined as a city of federal importance and therefore more tightly controlled by state authorities. The mayor of Moscow, rather is the head of the branch of Moscow's, equivalent to that of governor. ..

what has moscow done?

Five years ago, U.S Moscow, Alexander Vershbow, said that the main difficulty U.S.- Russian relations was a values gap.. ... Well the list of issues separating Washington from Moscow had grown long, and, more important, these issues extended well beyond the values gap. ..

november 13-19: soviet power spreads through russia

Apart from the concentration of the working class and militant sailors and soldiers in and around Moscow, and the effort to thwart Bolshevik uprising Moscow by the counterrevolution, major reason for the character of the battle is the indecisiveness of Bolshevik leadership. ... But the..

eighty years since the first moscow trial

new voice soon emerged, however Lev Sedov, Trotsky's son, published in Bulletin of Opposition what was to become The Red Book on Moscow Trial. ... Moscow Trial and Great Terror were preemptive strike against Old Bolsheviks in general, particularly against anyone associated with Left..

10 strange and obscure incidents from the cold war

It was when Mathias flew into Moscow and landed in Red Square close to Kremlin, that Soviets realized that something was wrong. ... Interestingly, in 1980, while the embassy and tunnel were under construction, Soviet Union and United States traded blames over their embassies Washington and..

russian leader fires mayor of moscow

MOSCOW -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fired Moscow's on Tuesday, three weeks into high-level public spat that analysts said exposed battle for inside Kremlin. ... Political observers said Moscow, with mayor capable of delivering its 7.5 million votes, had become the first..

russia to lend venezuela money

Moscow agreed to lend Venezuela money to buy wide range of Russian and hardware, said in Kremlin. ... Analysts suggest that Moscow prizes Venezuela almost solely for its proximity to, and hostility toward, United States. ..

russian baptists gain ground

MOSCOW — The skies were gray and the wind chillier and 190 people were determined to wade into Moscow River anyway.. ... But in the last three years the number of Baptist churches in Moscow region has grown from one to 45. ..

soviet religious charity asserts itself

MOSCOW -- The women strolled through the garden and chatted, mostly about the sun and their youth, both of. Arms joined, the women continued walking around Psychiatric Hospital No Moscow, where Abramzon is patient and Yarovaya volunteer from Christian Baptist Church here.. ..

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