The U-turn Moreno steers Ecuador away from Correa's repression. Journalists say they will be wary until Moreno fulfills his promises to scale back Communications Law and scrap the regulator that enforced it.. ..

police state ecuador under lenin moreno

Ecuadorian office issued Interpol red notice on former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, Assange supporter vocal critic of Moreno's hardline rule.. ... Ecuador under Moreno in cahoots with US, UK, IMF, and World Bank hardliners is unsafe and unfit to live in.. ..

amid corruption scandals and deals with imf and washington,

The decision by Ecuadorian of President Lenín Moreno to invite British police into its London embassy to drag out Julian Assange, opening the way to the extradition of WikiLeaks to the US, is violation of law and shameful new in the cowardice and submission of Latin America's bourgeoisie to US..

assange to be handed over to uk, then to us?

In March, information from Moreno's cell phone and account sent to lawmaker was published online, the material called INA Papers, allegedly implicating Moreno, his brother, and close associates in corruption scandal, involving perjury and money laundering.. ... Attorney Carlos Poveda..

ecuador elections to test president moreno and governing

The party was kidnapped by Moreno in not very clear judicial process, said Fernando Casado, Political Adviser to the small party, Fuerza Compromiso Social, allowing them to run some candidates on its line Sunday's elections.. Casado believes that under application of Ecuadorian, the judiciary..

elected left, governing right

Most notably, Moreno appointed Richard Martínez, former president of Ecuadorian Business Committee, marking radical shift to the Right to Moreno's first finance minister, Carlos de Torre. Moreno has used the calculation to accuse Correa of surpassing the official limit for..


In Ecuador, President Lenín Moreno has allied with his political opponents to implement conservative agenda, threatening to undo the country's strides in tackling poverty and inequality over the past decade... ..

u.s. v. moreno ornelas

the jury might well have believed Moreno when he said that he struggled with the officer for all the bullets to be fired so that he could go to Mexico, and that he tossed the gun aside once he had emptied the On those facts, Moreno would have lacked the specific intent to steal. ... By..

correction: ecuador-uk-assange story

Moreno said his country will work for Assange's and the preservation of his human rights as it seeks way for him to leave the embassy... ... But Assange's with Ecuadorian government has soured since Moreno became president. ..

marjorie cohn

Ecuador's, Lenin Moreno,  accused  Assange of repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols.. INA Papers, dossier that implicated Moreno money laundering and contained personal photos of his family,  WikiLeaks tweeted about it and denied any connection to..


April Rebellion ...

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