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The rift between Baker's donors and supporters and MassGOP's new leadership has made Massachusetts Majority necessary. ... Democratic Party does not have lock on majority of Massachusetts voters, and Massachusetts Majority may help Democrats win without the backing of their..

us: massachusetts should ban child marriage

Protesters from Unchained at Last speak in front of Massachusetts State House Boston to end child Massachusetts, May 2017.  2017 Susan Landmann Unchained at Last Massachusetts state senators should vote on July 25, 2019, for law to end child Massachusetts, today. ... ..

state nicknames for all 50 states

The coast of Massachusetts and its five bays, including Massachusetts Bay, Quincy Bay, Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay,  and Cape Cod Bay, is what gave rise to Massachusetts's nickname, Bay State, according to Brittanica.. ..

us: massachusetts should end child marriage

Massachusetts lawmakers and Governor Charlie Baker should back law to end child Massachusetts, in letter to the governor that was released this week. ... Protesters from Unchained at Last speak in front of Massachusetts State House Boston to end child Massachusetts, May..

‘the original old boys’ club’

Massachusetts, the gains are still limited, said Ann Bookman, director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at UMASS Boston... ... Nassour, the former chair of Massachusetts Republican Party, expects, that more female candidates will step up in 2020 for variety of..

state police turmoil

Facing investigation, the former head of Massachusetts State Police union has retired from the job he held for the past three decades as trooper... ... Massachusetts State Police trooper was indicted by Thursday for collecting thousands of dollars overtime pay for shifts he did not..

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Democrat Deb Goldberg has won four-year term as state Massachusetts... ... Joe Kennedy, Stephen Lynch and Richard Neal, who ran unopposed Massachusetts.. ..

massachusetts ballot question 2: here's what it would

Perhaps the least of the ballot questions Massachusetts this year, Question 2 is part of effort to push for new laws to limit the influence of in politics — specifically, to overturn Citizens United v. ... It also directs Massachusetts secretary of state to send copies of the report to..

stand up for equality: vote yes on 3

By enacting protections for transgender individuals in public accommodations that serve the general public, Two years ago, Massachusetts joined 17 states and Washington, D.C.. By the effort to make, I could not help to be overjoyed Massachusetts inclusive and welcoming state.. ..

massachusetts v. united s

The States also claim that Department's interpretation of state law, is in direct conflict with order of Massachusetts Superior Court finding violation of Massachusetts law with respect to each former Corinthian in Commonwealth. ... Ultimately, she concluded that the reference to..


Massachusetts voters will decide whether to repeal the non-discrimination law .. ... Indeed, the head of Massachusetts Institute told Politico that November's Massachusetts vote is bellwether that will determine where they seek to LGBTQ protections next. ..

2017 april

Body and Soul Miss Massachusetts USA Julia Scaparotti Gets Ready for Pageant. ... Scaparotti, Miss Massachusetts USA 2017, has been working out diligently at Soul Cycle, 500 Boylston St., Boston, preparation for Miss USA Pageant to be.. ..

massachusetts state police data from 2015

State Police have jurisdiction over homicides in every city and Massachusetts except for Boston, Worcester, Springfield and Pittsfield. ... I am extremely proud of the strong work done by the members of Massachusetts State Police throughout the year, stated Colonel Richard D. ..

2014 october

Massachusetts Port Authority today announced contribution to East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to address symptoms of childhood asthma and COPD Winthrop. The money will help fund the salaries of health workers and purchase health asthma kits for families Massachusetts Department of..

millions spent on warren-brown race

Watch the political advertising Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senate Massachusetts, either sides with extreme left or has history of being too cozy with Wall Street. ... Massachusetts is at the end of the spear of what will be the trend and the big story of 2012,..

voters dream of dumping taxes, but can't commit

Democratic Party Massachusetts keeps running awful tax-and-spend candidates for governor, which is why Massachusetts Democrats have lost the gubernatorial race four times in row. Republicans won this year with Mitt Romney, who lived Utah and pretended to Massachusetts --. ..

federal death penalty cases on the rise

``We are enraged, said Saul Finestone, president of Springfield-area of Massachusetts Citizens Against Death Penalty. ... Massachusetts was in 1947 the state abolished the in 1984. Rosenberg, most Massachusetts residents oppose the penalty when prison without the possibility..

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