voa special report

In an informal union, a couple lacks a formal civil or religious ceremony. ... The main sources are national census and household surveys, including the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) and Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS). ..

unionism of resistance

IN JANUARY 2009, the French president Nicolas Sarkozy launched a vicious attack against the railway workers’ union SUD (Solidaires Unitaires Démocratiques in French), accusing them of having completely paralyzed one of the main train stations in Paris and, by extension, rail transport..

u.s. labor in the crisis

And with the world's press gathered outside Obama's Chicago during the period, occupation at Republic Windows and Doors plant in that city captured the imagination of the country, and even got some encouraging words from Obama. ..

aachen treaty: vested

Yellow vests demonstrating against Macron's social policies every weekend, their purpose was to show that European Union's main axis remains strong and it will be able to counter increasing euroscepticism and Europe., notes EUobserver... ..

the french revolution of may 1968

But faced with the general indignation of the population and pressure from the rank and file, the union bureaucracy was compelled to take action. On May 11, the main unions, the CGT, the CFDT and the FEN, called for a general strike on 13 May. ..

european union fast facts

The member states delegate sovereignty to EU institutions to represent the interests of European Union as whole.. EU is run by main bodies European Parliament, Council of Union, European Commission, Court of Justice, and Court of Auditors.. ..

january 2012 – ministry of truth

The recent outbreak of asshattery at a London-based University has proved to be contagious with a second university atheist society at the London School of Economics being ‘instructed’ to remove a Jesus and Mo cartoon from its Facebook page or face disciplinary sanctions from its main Student..

u.s. seeks to block weapons

South Africa's main trade union confederation has called on workers in other African countries to follow the example of South African dock and freight workers who said Friday they would not unload the ship or transport its cargo. ..

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