open borders, without apology

Far from immigrants being outsiders who endanger the working class of this country, they are part of its fabric — far more so than Donald Trump, who was born wealthy, ever was. . But Trump’s main argument, that there are those on the liberal end of Washington’s political class..


US Congresswoman: Trump Supporting Al-Qaeda, Saudis Main Sponsors of Terrorism . TEHRAN (FNA)- US Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard strongly criticized President Donald Trump for supporting Al-Qaeda terrorist group, and said the Riyadh government is the main state..

trump is mocking biden

On the other hand, Trump attempts to turn the game into rivalry through using words against Biden, and this is very much like Trump's personality and approach. Biden now has his main focus on Democrats inner-party race, and he does not consider direct competition with Trump..

the wrong kind of unity against trump

But their main criticism was that Trump’s decision was a surrender of American imperial influence in Syria to Russia and Iran. In particular, they and other sections of the establishment are concerned that Iran will gain an upper hand in its regional power struggle with the U.S.’s..

richard s. ehrlich

BANGKOK, Thailand -- China is constructing seaports at two sites where U.S Fleet deploys, Haifa next to Israel's main naval base... 04 October 2017... BANGKOK, Thailand -- President Donald Trump's White House invitation to meet Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on October 2..

the united states and the state of democracy

Indeed, the upcoming elections are less about who will stand up to Trump and more about who will lead the Democratic Party. Three main strands have emerged within its ranks. The first are radical leftists such as Bernie Sanders who seeks to imitate Trump-like politics with a..

‘maximum pressure’ is a dead end

The main flaw in the Trump administration’s approach to both states is that it pairs maximalist demands that the other side will never accept with “maximum pressure” tactics that depend on broad international support that doesn’t exist. ..

macron wants a european army

“With his declaration on a European army that acts independently of the US on principle and even protects Europe against the US, Macron is on the one hand showing the willingness to spend money on improving Europe's security (and thus depriving Trump of his main line of argument). ..

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