the r word, fifteen years on – john quiggin

It’s difficult to do any kind of political analysis clearly if one of the main political tendencies can’t be named. Trump’s re-election hopes depend to a large extent on motivating racist Republicans to vote and on peeling off the remaining racists from the Democratic Party. ..

presstv-'all us attempts against iran have failed'

He noted that Iran is a modern military power with a united population that will resist against the pressure exerted on it by the Trump administration.     . Martin said a main difference that makes Trump stand out in contrast to his predecessors is that Trump is “all talk,..

mueller report: what comes next?

In New York State, where Trump’s main corporation is headquartered, law enforcement agencies and regulators have already opened investigations into Trump’s business practices and those of his charitable foundation. ..

open borders, without apology

Far from immigrants being outsiders who endanger the working class of this country, they are part of its fabric — far more so than Donald Trump, who was born wealthy, ever was. . But Trump’s main argument, that there are those on the liberal end of Washington’s political class..


US Congresswoman Trump Supporting Al-Qaeda, Saudis Main Sponsors of Terrorism.. TEHRAN - US Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard criticized President Donald Trump for supporting Al-Qaeda terrorist group, Riyadh government is the main state supporter of in the region... ..

‘maximum pressure’ is a dead end

The main flaw in the Trump administration’s approach to both states is that it pairs maximalist demands that the other side will never accept with “maximum pressure” tactics that depend on broad international support that doesn’t exist. ..

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