is russia on the brink of a migration crisis?

Besides efforts to stimulate the country’s birth rate, another main way to combat Russia’s decreasing population is to rely more on migration. ... Rosstat breaks all migrants into two main categories: long-term, those who intend to stay permanently in Russia and are..

april 1917: how lenin rearmed

In Russia’s main cities modern factories, employing thousands of workers each in some cases, sprang up quickly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. ... As noted earlier, there were essentially three main reasons why Lenin was more prepared than other Bolshevik..

who are russia’s main allies?

Who are Russia’s main allies? . . Jan 18 2019 . Oleg Yegorov . . . . . Russia isn’t part of a powerful NATO-like military alliance but still has some political and economic partners around the world. ..

us-led nato rehearses war on russia

US-Led NATO Rehearses War on Russia . . by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) . Republicans and undemocratic Dems consider Russia America’s main adversary – despite no threat posed by the country. . ..

russia’s soft power in the balkans

In a press conference after their meeting, Vucic stated that Russia’s support would include donations of armored vehicles, tanks, and planes. . For centuries, Serbia has been Russia’s main ally in the Balkans. Because of the two countries’ traditionally close historical,..

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