back to cold war and beyond

The collapse of the state socialist model of modernity represented by the Soviet system did not mean Russia’s seamless return to what Gorbachev-era intellectuals called ‘the main highway of history’. ... At the end of the Cold War Russia aspired to join the Historical West,..

longstanding us russia bashing

Fact: Russia is the world leader among major powers in seeking diplomatic resolution to ongoing political and hot conflicts - the US the main instigator. . Fact: Russia seeks cooperative relations with other countries. The US wants dominion over them, their resources, and..

is russia on the brink of a migration crisis?

Besides efforts to stimulate the country’s birth rate, another main way to combat Russia’s decreasing population is to rely more on migration. ... Rosstat breaks all migrants into two main categories: long-term, those who intend to stay permanently in Russia and are..

who are russia’s main allies?

Who are Russia’s main allies? . . Jan 18 2019 . Oleg Yegorov . . . . . Russia isn’t part of a powerful NATO-like military alliance but still has some political and economic partners around the world. ..

‘russia’s role in syria made talks possible’

There is a momentum toward a peaceful resolution of the conflict and it is due to really, I think, two main factors. . First of all Russia’s intervention some months ago on the side of Syria in a very forthright way has served to give much more stability and force to the Assad government..

russia’s soft power in the balkans

In a press conference after their meeting, Vucic stated that Russia’s support would include donations of armored vehicles, tanks, and planes. . For centuries, Serbia has been Russia’s main ally in the Balkans. Because of the two countries’ traditionally close historical,..

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