scoring states on charter school integration

The top of the list, however, is less predictable: California is the only state that fell within the top ten states for both policy scores and enrollment scores, and the states with the highest overall scores—Utah, New Hampshire, Maine, California, and South Carolina—are mostly states..

congress is finally going to pot

But now advocates are optimistic that Democratic control of House and mounting pressure to clean up the disparity between state and federal laws could propel some incremental changes through Republican-controlled Senate — even if it will be challenge.. ..

james a. robinson

He previously taught at Harvard University, University of Melbourne, and University of Southern California, andhe was Professor in Departments of Economics and Political Science at University of California at Berkeley. His main research interest is why countries are different..

debate heating up over pot use

WASHINGTON — Arguing that the distribution of marijuana for medical purposes undermines the nation's drug laws and leads to abuse, the government urged Supreme Court on Wednesday to stop California cooperative from dispensing the drug to the seriously ill.. ..


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