stonewall: 50 years later

This photograph is included in 'Love & Resistance: Stonewall 50,' an exhibition at the New York Public Library's main branch through July 13. . ... Courtesy of the New York Public . . . Kay Tobin Lahusen photographed two men kissing under a tree in 1977, now part..

the epa's war against the states

Transportation officials from Maine, New York, and Mas­sachusetts—not states that are hotbeds of anti-environmentalist sentiment—warned the EPA that its proposed interpretation of “navigable waters” would include roadside ditches. ..

myths of the american revolution

Had the outcome been determined by European peace conference, Britain would have retained Canada, trans-Appalachian West, part of Maine, New York City and Long Island, Georgia and much of South Carolina, Florida and Caribbean islands. ..

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