syria: deadly school attack was unlawful

., said that after the first attack, he stood at the main entrance to the school to try to prevent the children from leaving: . ... D., who owns a shop in the main market of Jarjanaz, said he began driving home on his motorcycle after the first explosion, and that his home was near the..

rami younis

In her research, Ghanem, who divides her time between Israel and Ramallah, has found that despite the divisions, most Palestinians agree on several main points: the division between them was forced on them, that it weakens them, and that it allows Israel to more easily control them. . ..

zimbabwe: mdc congress slated for june

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has relented to pressure from some of his senior lieutenants to bring forward the party's long-awaited congress from October to June this year as factional tensions in the country's main opposition movement reaches boiling point, it emerged this week. . ..

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