venezuela's crisis: why now and what's next?

Later that year, the government created another body called the Constituent Assembly which was stacked with its supporters and bypassed the opposition-controlled congress.  . This, some critics say, is when the Maduro government's authoritarian tendencies slid into a dictatorship. ..

venezuela's tyrant gets six more years

Rarely does one hear Democratic leader comment on the country at all, let alone criticize Maduro or praise the bravery of Venezuelan people. and as more members of Congress — such as Sen. The price controls, the nationalization, the doubling down on Marxist ideas — these are what..

tide beginning to turn in venezuelan politics?

The assembly is the main legislative institution in Venezuela, the equivalent of congress or parliament in democratic countries. The opposition in the parliamentary election of December 6, 2015 dealt a major blow to  Maduro’s government by winning two thirds of the votes. ..

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