war of words over venezuela’s future

Elliott Abrams, U.S for Venezuela, stated in in June Miami Herald that the resolution of the conflict should pass, in part, through the departure of Nicolás Maduro and the recognition of National Assembly by Chavismo  In other words, representatives will return to..

no war for venezuela.

To further consolidate power, Venezuelan state held order to keep Chavez, Nicolas Maduro power. National Assembly has declared the election to be null and thus the head of the assembly, Juan Guaidó, is the president until election can be held. ..

maduro calls for snap national assembly

Maduro Calls for Snap National Assembly Elections . by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) . Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) elections are scheduled for 2020. At a Saturday rally, President Maduro told supporters: . ..

five misconceptions about the crisis in venezuela

Thus, on January most Western governments refused to recognize the legitimacy of Maduro and instead deemed that National Assembly remained the only legitimate body of Venezuelan government. ... By the democratically elected, He was invested with such powers National..

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