under pti, a better law for pakistan's christians - prism

The impetus for in the law started when late 2016, Christian by the name of Ameen Masih approached Lahore High Court for relief. ... Harmonising the registration of Christian marriages, something which the Bishop Emeritus of Lahore Alexander John Malik had even taken to Supreme Court, .. ..


Bhishma battle tanks 25 Injured Lahore Suicide Bombing. TEHRAN - At least eight people, including five police personnel, were killed and 25 others injured Wednesday in suicide blast near Sufi in Northeastern of Lahore, officials and media announced... ..

press freedom day 2019

In Hamid Mir's programme with the students of Punjab University, Lahore's institute of communication studies on May 3, most of the students felt that the media is not free and still faces curbs. ..

pakistan bombing kills 55

On Wednesday, suicide bombers struck Shiite march in the city of Lahore, killing at least 30 and sparking riots. Pakistani Taliban, offshoot of Afghan group, claimed responsibility for Lahore bombing. ..

pakistan bombings kill dozens

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- More than Pakistanis were killed in bombings Monday Lahore and Peshawar in the latest evidence that religious extremists. In the city of Lahore, twin bombing at market killed at least 34 and injured 109, according to senior local Khusro Pervaiz. ..

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