open forum: october 26, 2019

Turkey, Russia close to reaching agreement on Su-35 jet sale urkey is close to reaching deal with Moscow over the purchase of Su-35 jets Turkish sources said Friday.. Turkish and Russian officials discussing the details of the sale of total of 36 Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey,..

» israeli jets attack gaza targets– imemc news

Israeli Jets Attack Gaza Targets., News Report 0. 07 Jan 5 28 AM.. Israeli warplanes, on Sunday, attacked several targets Khan Younis, in the south of Gaza Strip, and other targets in the north, causing damage and no injuries, according to WAFA correspondence.. ..

undermined sovereignty in the middle east

In the week, Israeli jets flew over Northern Lebanon, Bekaa Valley and South.. ... On occasion you might Israeli jets flying towards Syria, or even Israeli jets pounding positions on the other side of Anti- Lebanon mountain range, another violation of sovereignty.. ..


In August, several civilians were killed in the US fighter jets attacks on Eastern Deir Ezzur.. ... Also in the same months, US-led fighter jets pounded residential areas in the town, killing and wounding tens of civilians, including children, .. ..

$252.3m to support c-20 vip jets

Northrop Grumman's release adds additional members of M7 Aerospace of San Antonio, TX Jet Aviation Savannah Air Center Savannah, GA and Rolls-Royce North America Montreal, Canada. ... The jets made the in 2007, and carry supporters on her flights. Pentagon responded with denial of the..

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