new 'global britain' sets naval sights on asia

China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam all count Britain as an important trading partner, though by no means their most important. ... While Japan and South Korea tend to export as much as they import from Britain, most Southeast Asia nations have gaping trade deficits. . ..

islamic state still a threat

The communication mechanism will help the defense departments of the two countries enhance mutual understanding, strengthen mutual trust, avoid misapprehension and misjudgment, and uphold peace and in the region, said Hua Chunying, China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson. 2018 saw many breakthroughs China-..

buddhist sculptures identified in japan

Buddhist Sculptures Identified Japan... KYOTO, JAPAN — three statues from Monmyoji Temple have been attributed to sculptor named Gyokai, based upon signatures found for the time on the wooden bases of two of the carvings. ... To read about another Japan, go to. ..

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