security increased at is prisons after leader's death

People look at destroyed houses near the village of Barisha, Idlib, Syria, Sunday, Oct 27, 2019, the leader of Islamic State group. ... BEIRUT — Syrian Kurdish forces said Monday they are increasing security at prisons and detention facilities holding tens of thousands of Islamic State..

islamic state leader leaves a legacy of terror

BEIRUT Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi sought to establish Islamic caliphate across Syria and Iraq, and he might be remembered more as the ruthlessly calculating leader of Islamic State group. ... In April 2013, al- Baghdadi announced what amounted to takeover of Nusra Front, saying he was merging..

unseen islamic state documents on slavery

For the disbelievers who have no pact of the dhimmi, ceasefire or security between them and Muslims, the principle regarding them is that their blood and property are free for pillage if they do not convert to Islam or pay the jizya and enter under the rule of Shari'a. ... There is no doubt that..

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