many countries favor specific religions

The constitution of Djibouti, for example, names Islam as the Religion of the State, and all other religious groups are required to register with Ministry of Interior. ... In Comoros, the government funds Islamic studies program, Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Science, within..

us-led coalition failing against daesh: leader

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Slovenia's President Borut Pahor meet Tehran on November 22, 2016 Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the so-called international coalition led by United States and formed to fight Daesh terrorist..

‘us root cause of mischief in persian gulf’

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy A of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says United States is not authorized to in the affairs of West Asia and Persian Gulf, stressing that Washington is the root cause of in the region... ... ..

trends in global restrictions on religion

By subnational groups that use religion such as the, For the purposes of this study, religion-related terrorism includes acts carried out Nigeria-based Islamist group Boko Haram al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb and Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL. ... Some media..

rumsfeld plays down shiite influence

For the in as many days, Iran's Islamic government not to send operatives into Iraq to incite Shiite Muslims, or to try to help establish Islamic regime... ... Yesterday, during the day of Muslim prayers, hundreds of worshippers sat on Nasiriyah and listened to cleric declare that..

life term remains in play for padilla

Cooke modified the presentencing report that classified Hassoun and Jayyousi as playing leadership roles in conspiracy to commit terrorist acts and impose Islamic regimes abroad.. ... Cooke cited the jury's finding that Padilla had enrolled in al-Qaida training camp as proof he was instrument of..

how she wants to modify muslims

. • Sharia law and the rest of Islamic jurisprudence.. • The empowerment of individuals to enforce such laws and customs. • Jihad... ... Others, such Abdolkarim Soroush of Iran, or Abdelmajid Charfi of Tunisia, have critiqued more rigid interpretations of Islam in work based on..

hitler & the muslims

The second is that Germany's use of Islam during Nazi period owed less to Hitler's strategizing than to the legacy of Germany's use of armed jihadists to undermine its European enemies.. ... During Germany's of Caucasus and Crimea, Wehrmacht's initial efforts to Islamic, order to..

eight reasons to oppose obama’s (new) war

The in this new war is Islamic State Iraq and Syria, reactionary military force and would-be state that grew powerful as direct consequence of U.S and occupation of Iraq. ... More recently, U.S looked the other way while its allies among the authoritarian regimes of the region, especially Saudi..

five myths about the islamic state

Recently, Andrew Sullivan has been flogging the idea that Islamic State Iraq and Syria ( ISIS or now just. ... The term dawla, translated as state today, is also the name of Islam's greatest caliphate, the Dawla `Abbasiyya. ..

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