a women’s victory

Last week, Islamabad High Court declared it mandatory to seek permission from the arbitration council for contracting second marriage, even if the husband had prior permission from the first wife... ... Contrary to the popular belief that the consent of first wife is the requirement for second..


In related front, earlier on January 21, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan Asad Qaiser, in his meeting with Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost, called for further expansion of relations between Tehran and Islamabad, saying that stronger ties with Iran can lead to better economy for the..

making sense of election mechanics and their outcome

One of them, the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, that emerged in 2017 and staged successful blockade of Islamabad the year, ing in the 2018 elections. ... They did not understand why the results were being delayed in the presence of sophisticated electronic system put in place for the transmission of..

pakistan – bosnewslife – christian news agency

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN -- Asia Bibi, Pakistani Christian woman who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy against Islam, has been acquitted and concerns remain about safety, BosNewsLife.. ... ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN -- Christian man who spent 20 months in Pakistani prison on charges of..

pakistanis killed near u.s. consulate

Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca was in the capital, Islamabad, urging Pakistan's, Gen. ... Iraqi envoy met Musharraf on Islamabad, and in the meeting the president underlined Iraq's responsibility for complete and immediate disarmament, ment.. ..


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- bomber struck bus carrying air force in Pakistan yesterday, killing at least eight people, in the second such attack on military target in three days.. ... On Tuesday, blew up within half-mile of Musharraf's at the tightly guarded army headquarters Islamabad's,..

al-qaida no. 2 killed by drone

Washington has stepped up its drone campaign against al-Qaida and Taliban militants Pakistan's regions recent weeks, despite Islamabad's repeated demands that U.S abandon the use of drone attacks as tactic against militant groups.. ... In the aftermath of errant U.S airstrikes that killed 24..

jetliner plot suspect believed killed

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A British citizen linked to plot to blow up jetliners flying across Atlantic was believed killed Saturday by U.S missile attack on al-Qaida redoubt near Afghan, Pakistani officials said. ... Rauf, has been on the run since last December, when he escaped from police escorting..

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