TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of people took to the streets across Yemen to slam some of the country’s fellow Arab states’ attempts at normalization of relations with Israel. ... Corpses of More Victims of US, ISIL Attacks Found in Raqqa . TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army discovered over 10 dead..

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Long before anyone heard of Jihadists, Al-Qaeda and ISIL, Western Civilization was at war. . . . Ethiopians protest in Israel, call for end to state racism and police violence . ..

israel-qaeda love relationship in syria

Cooperation between Nusra and Israel has been used even by Daesh elements to undermine the once-ally and later-opponent faction, with an ISIL big wig going as far as calling Nusra fighters “Jews of Jihad,” to expose the reciprocity. . ..

‘obama not serious in fight against daesh’

If you look at who Daesh is, who ISIL is, this organization was created by foreign intelligence agencies. The Turks are involved, the US is involved, Israel is involved, the Saudis are involved and if Obama was serious about doing this, he would cooperate with the Syrian government, not try..


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