one man vs. a dead river

car bomb rocked the city of Londonderry Northern Ireland on the evening of January 19, part of outbreak of violence. Brexit is raising questions about how the border between Northern Ireland, which is part of United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland, will be administered. ..

paul gillespie

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales could all have separate relationships with EU to Flanders and Wallonia. ... Ireland is European state secondary or third level curr. The time when the old cannot yet die and the new cannot yet emerge are the times of monsters like EU system. ..

john fitzgerald

deal was done for Ireland to pay £5m instead of £156m... John FitzGerald Employers will have to work hard to hold on to staff... ... Policies of protectionism helped to ensure Ireland was backwater for 50 years... ..

wogan to form interim irish governmentnewsbiscuit

Against backdrop of discord and confusion, Terry Wogan, has agreed to take over running Ireland for in the interests of stability as that nation's politicians sort themselves out.. ... And with Eli O'Pace in the crucial, lyrical, whimsical yet role of Culture Secretary, the prospects of new,..

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Hounded north and south of the border for decades, Irish Republican Army was irrelevant, gesture of defiance for Catholic Northern Ireland, and boogeyman for Protestants. ... Across Northern Ireland, IRA units were taking the fight to the army and police on the streets of Derry and..


European Commission's most servant has denied allegations that the issue of Northern Ireland's.. ... Up to 25,000 jobs could be at risk on foot of Britain's from EU, the head of Enterprise Ireland said.. ..

10 things to watch for on brexit

In order to prevent the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland from returning, May's agreement contains special backstop establishing rules and regulations Northern Ireland that are more aligned with the EU than will be the case for the rest of United Kingdom.. DUP opposes..

ethiopia humanitarian bulletin issue 68

Aeneas Chuma, UN Humanitarian Resident Coordinator signed memorandum of understanding for Ireland's contribution of €3.4 million to Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund, OCHA - managed pooled fund. ... EHF received US$77.8 million from six donors so far this year, including from United Kingdom, Germany,..

the northern ireland peace process

While the agreement confirmed that Northern Ireland is part of United Kingdom, it stipulates that Ireland could be united if that was supported in vote by majorities in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.. ... Ireland's prime minister, Leo Varadkar,..

britain and eu reach draft brexit deal

The backstop is policy to avoid return to controls on the border between British of Northern Ireland and EU member state Ireland if future trading relationship is not agreed in time.. Three EU sources said the backstop would come in the form of UK-wide customs arrangement, with specific..

let northern irish women decide

Ever ending its ban on abortion, all eyes have been on Six Counties in the north of Ireland. Amendment NC7 amendment to the Northern Ireland Bill passed parliament, empowering the Northern Ireland secretary to issue guidance on the issues of abortion and marriage to civil..

higgins re-elected as irish president

In Ireland, newly elected president will be in on the day following the expiry of the term of office of the preceding president.. He is Irish president and also Ireland, who has been re-elected.. Higgins is famous poet and Ireland. ..

2013 august

Maura DiBattista Of Revere, formerly of Ireland Maura DiBattista of Revere died on August 25 at MGH after illness. Born Ireland, the daughter of William and Mary Kelly, Maura came to United States in 1963 and was employed as a.. ..

new papers added

The archive now holds 698 newspapers for UK and Ireland.  Our additions this week include nine brand new titles and additions to thirteen existing titles.. ... Finally we are delighted to add new national title for Ireland, Irish Independent.. ..

three thousand versts of loneliness

The document draws on the work of Dr Graham Gudgin, Cambridge University academic who has examined Brexit's potential impact Ireland at the think-tank, Policy Exchange. ... Initially, Tories seemed keener to keep UCUNF alive, and, the decision was taken to relaunch Northern Ireland..

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Impactful scholarship increases the visibility of our school and faculty, career prospects for our students and the value of FSU degree, said Dean Erin O'Connor.. ... Posted Business, Law & Policy Tagged College of Law, College of Law Dean Erin O'Connor.. ..

irish to vote on blasphemy ban

The ban on blasphemy is expression of religious tolerance and therefore fits in perfectly with Ireland, The Irish Independent counters.. ... On October 26, the people of Ireland can confirm what our courts and legislature have long-since recognised, that there is no place..

2017 september

Story and Photo by Marianne Salza On September 26, Erin Gruwell, The Freedom Writers Diary, and the 2007 movie, Freedom Writers, visited Lynn English High School to explain how writing influenced and transformed her students lives. ..

connolly and the first world war

At the time, Irish Republic Brotherhood was given new lease of life by Fenian Tom Clarke and Seán Mac Diarmada. ... Had we been able to carry out all our plans, we could at word have created all the conditions necessary to the striking of successful blow whenever the military arm of..

representative democracy

Not only that, Scotland and Northern Ireland want to stay. So, in democracy, what are we to make of this. ... Forget the 48%, forget Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and Wycombe. ..

the political psychology of irish republicanism

The retrospective weaving of myth around the events and the idea of the blood sacrifice that redeemed Ireland, drawing much of its power from Christian myth, drawing too on the writings of Pearse and McDonagh, and given its shape by the great myth-maker., Yeats — all of that, saturating the..


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